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  1. looks preaty cool lets try :)) he, i am unlucky link is no active any more :(
  2. Server based on L2jSunrise files. Donate free, that means that no items or services are avaiable for real money. For acces to Premium Service and some other things need only a Vote for server in game, hunt Champion Mobs, go to custom instance to farm Festival Adena, win PvP etc. If you have time I invite You to play and use head and skills, not money to play. Server is alive : https://cz3s1ek.co.uk - SERVER RATES - >>Experience (EXP) : 10x>>Skill Points (SP) : 10x>>Adena : 10x>>Drop rate : 1x>>Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x>>Quest Skill Points (SP) : 1x>>Quest Adena : 10x>>Quest Drop Items : 1x>>Spoil : 10x>>Weight Limit : 3x>>Party EXP: 1.5X - ENCHANTS - >>Safe Enchant : 4>>Max. Enchant : 30>>Normal Scroll chance : 52%>>Blessed Scroll chance : 60%>>Elemental Stone chance : 40%>>Elemental Crystal chance : 30% - BASIC CONFIGURATION ->>Server, and Forum Time : GMT+0>>Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h>>Buff Slots : 24+4>>Dance and Songs Slots : 12>>Auto Learn Skills>>Auto Loot ...etc