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  1. I search on Uncle Google and i found this one : Compiler  Interface - BITHACK but also need program to decompile interface.u WOTgrealExporter rest information you will find by self, is too many for write :). Is not dificult, but easy also, becouse need to know how to edit or rewrite scripts :). Have fun and good luck
  2. Hello mate, amazing work :), but how i can add button to system menu Alt-B for open community board from menu ? Ok Problem solved, need edit interface.u
  3. That project is dead ? Impossible to register and download , solved, need min 8 and max 14 signs :) Heh I get this but is incomplete, is impossible to install for check how is works :( I dont see anywhere folder ../install/select_language just get : The requested URL was not found on this server
  4. looks preaty cool lets try :)) he, i am unlucky link is no active any more :(
  5. Server based on L2jSunrise files. Donate free, that means that no items or services are avaiable for real money. For acces to Premium Service and some other things need only a Vote for server in game, hunt Champion Mobs, go to custom instance to farm Festival Adena, win PvP etc. If you have time I invite You to play and use head and skills, not money to play. Server is alive : https://cz3s1ek.co.uk - SERVER RATES - >>Experience (EXP) : 10x>>Skill Points (SP) : 10x>>Adena : 10x>>Drop rate : 1x>>Quest Ex
  6. www.L2xD.eu Private Server Lineage II Epilogue. I would like invite you to newly created Lineage 2 server! Internacional server crated by the Poles! Our goal is to create a server where everyone can find their own place and new friends. Low rate & High rate soon Rates: - Exp x7 - Adena x7 - Drop x7 - SP x7 - Spoil x6 Features: - L2Open project - Geodata - No Wipe`s - Many Events - Olympiad Full working - Primeval Island - Instances - Clan Skill`s - 85 lvl - Cursed Weapons - Subclass - Noblesse - Clan Halls - Augmentation S