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  1. Thank you for your interest. The project is available at https://l2board.com/download. Any questions tell me.
  2. Your opinion is welcome. I appreciate it. In the near future I will add modules like "forum", "market" and others. To make better use of the capabilities of the framework. Thank you for the tip. Suggestions are always welcome.
  3. I really understand. I plan to release the code in the coming months. I think at this time feedback from other users will give the project credibility and trust. Thanks for the tip. I am taking into consideration.
  4. New version: L2Board-v0.9.0 New version of L2Board is available! https://l2board.com/download/
  5. I am restructuring the project. Soon I will make available the download link. I warn you.
  6. I removed the link this afternoon to update. Soon I will make it available again. I warn you.
  7. A few months ago a colleague of mine asked me for help to set up various systems (forum, website, download manager, PayPal notifications ...). Due to my experience I saw that there was the possibility of integrating all these systems and integrating them into the game. I am sharing with you a stable and evolving system. Its free. Over time we will create new themes and add new features. The intention is to keep these projects for years. Here are some features of L2Board: * Automatic installation guide * User registration * Possibility of installing themes and modules * Que