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  1. Remover all life stone level or drop percent I tried removing from the server gave errors How can you lower the fall? interlude package
  2. can someone help me and tell me if l2off has a command to ban the account ? pack interlude
  3. lack of attention more in the original was itemdata tks eressea here for you s2.
  4. put time on items I tried using item_life_time = 30 Vanganth pack does not work. help item_begin weapon 10305 [dual_aioxbuffer] item_type=weapon slot_bit_type={lrhand} armor_type=none etcitem_type=none recipe_id=0 blessed=0 weight=2080 default_action=action_equip consume_type=consume_type_normal initial_count=1 maximum_count=1 soulshot_count=1 spiritshot_count=1 reduced_soulshot={} reduced_spiritshot={} reduced_mp_consume={} immediate_effect=1 price=0 default_price=38000000 item_skill=[s_critical_chance3] critical_attack_skill=[none] attack_skill=[none] magic_skill=[none] item_skill_enchanted_four=[none] material_type=adamantaite crystal_type=s crystal_count=1900 is_trade=1 is_drop=1 is_destruct=1 physical_damage=274 random_damage=10 weapon_type=dual can_penetrate=1 critical=8 hit_modify=0 avoid_modify=0 dual_fhit_rate=50 shield_defense=0 shield_defense_rate=0 attack_range=40 damage_range={0;0;40;120} attack_speed=325 reuse_delay=0 mp_consume=0 magical_damage=119 durability=95 damaged=0 physical_defense=0 magical_defense=0 mp_bonus=0 category={} enchanted=0 html=[item_default.htm] equip_pet={0} magic_weapon=0 enchant_enable=1 can_equip_sex=-1 can_equip_race={} can_equip_change_class=-1 can_equip_class={} can_equip_agit=-1 can_equip_castle=-1 can_equip_castle_num={} can_equip_clan_leader=-1 can_equip_clan_level=-1 can_equip_hero=-1 can_equip_nobless=-1 can_equip_chaotic=-1 item_end