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  1. Downloaded the first book cause i wanna freshen up my Java skills (java what?). It's actually pretty good for some that has no experience in programming, would recommend it.
  2. Yeah your UI may be be easy(not), but your User Experience is one of the worst. Your color palette is a mix of BIG NO'S for Websites, you have items popping throughout the site and generally most of the items have animations which would be nice in some cases but it's just an overload. Also your fonts seem kinda off, like you've disabled the anti-aliasing. Try doing a rework on those and your site could maybe worth someone's time.
  3. This one doesn't work, but thanks for the guidance. I'm trying this one now which i think is a reupload from the one Achylek posted. Will edit sson. Edit: It's working but it's something similar not what Celestine posted. @Celestine any chance of lending a hand here ? :D
  4. Anybody knows the patch this guy uses ? http://www.l2skirmish.com/johnbober-duelist-a-road-from-5-to-100-pts/ He can see skills or buffs used by other players, thanks :D
  5. Hello, i'm looking for the interface used in this video : As you can see, above the character title and name it displays the last skill used or buff. Does anybody have an idea where i can find this patch for H5 client ? Edit: I think it's some kind of a custom systemmsg.dat and something else but i'm not quite sure.
  6. Just use a VPN and if you get a MAC ban you can then change your mac address.
  7. Why would anyone share GeVoRaKoC frozen files? Probably backdoored as well.
  8. Some of my friends are playing it and thought i would give it a try, they say it's pretty good and since NCsoft made it i'm gonna it a try.
  9. Pretty easy to do with a database, you'll display the database in the main index and then the customer is gonna change it through an admin panel you'll create.
  10. I'm wondering, where the fuck do you find these guys and why don't you simply test the pack first, jeez.
  11. Ούτε εγώ είμαι λάτρης της Deep House, βέβαια ανάλογα τι σηκώνει η περίσταση. Το κομμάτι θα έλεγα είναι αρκετά καλό αν και το intro στο preview με κούρασε λίγο, πέρα από αυτό τίποτα άλλο. Βγάλε μας ασπροπρόσωπους KEEP IT UP!