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  1. chars : warlord /bd /sws / cat / x2 he / pr / ee / wc / bp 60+ items : bw heavy set , x3 bow of peril cheap shot , BO set jewels msg me private here
  2. i cant see skills like hydro blast , i know its made for fps boost , but is there any bind to enable the animations again? thanks in advance @Iordanov @Celestine
  3. any1 has the working interface.u that doesnt fixes the target issue?
  4. adena 40kk/e a/s amors +6 EPIC : zaken 20e tezza 30e aq 40e baium 40e antharas 50e valakas 70e all S weapons + sa pm here or add skype : pmapls
  5. Fake online , gms are corrupted , have nothing to do with the 2008elixir whatsoever and a really bad server over all . Owner is the same guy with l2tales . Go to and see the real L2elixir stuff .
  6. for some reason when i add the patch i cant see my buffs , any clues?
  7. selling big stacks of adena on l2elixir , leave a msg here on forum for prices and discounts
  8. WTS Adena on l2 dex x4 2e , 100kk stock and discount on high amounts WTS eminence bow 35e WTS blue wolf heavy set 170e WTS Avadone robe set 25e WTS black ore set 80e WTS Demon staff +3 35e all prices are negotiable for high stacks