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  1. Hello, i would like to buy code, which restores offline shops after server restart. Not depends on what extender is code written. I am interested in idea and code helps me to understand how to rewrite into my extender. My idea is, to create some on method which calls PacketHandler 0x08 packet and reight after it 0x0D packet to select character which will be put into offline mode. Maybe i am worng. I am open to buy some code or some help. Thank you Mrakobes
  2. Hello, I have an unusual question. I run an Interlude server and I can't find the exact spawn points of this mob anywhere, I have some here, but I need to check if it's correct or not. could anyone help me? it is about: 21377 Scarlet Stakato Soldier NPC pos data: territory_begin [godard08_2514_01] {{179651;-116994;-3647;-3447};{179519;-116706;-3647;-3447};{179231;-116702;-3647;-3447};{178791;-116826;-3647;-3447};{178799;-117082;-3647;-3447};{179143;-117374;-3647;-3447};{179679;-117146;-3647;-3447}} territory_end npcmaker_ex_begin [godard08_
  3. @HowardStern How to start? It is quite easy. Just learn - C++ - little bit assembler - little bit reverse engineering After that, take these sources, open in Visual Studio 2005, resolve all compilation errors(you should know how, after some time of working C++). After it attach to server with mathching binary and addresses and start fixing 🙂 And thats IT !:) Easy, isn't it ?:)
  4. Hello, i am learning, how to create my own extender and improve some functionalities in L2Server. I just wrote something basic, what works, but i have problem with one hook and can not figure out what happend. is there any possibility to debug extender attached to server ? thanks for reply!
  5. I have a problem with connecting to the Server. I start up HLaPex soft and login ,agree license, and if i was in select server screen i chose server but HLaPex write Server : Active , Client : DISCONNECT can somebody help me with it ? If is possible ..:) Thanks Mrakobes ! :)