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  1. Can u post gameserver.bat configuration, server.properties n login.properties (sql part) among with my.ini of sql? Also check out ram usage n cpu. Finaly did you change threads? Flood protectors r enabled?
  2. Acis ofc.. But generally talking the knowledge behind gameserver.bat config options and threads configuration is something that's missing from all packs. Dunno about high priced projects. In theory with 8gb ram, ssd, 1gbps internet, Linux and an amd 4ghz u can handle 800 to 1000 players spread all over the map but practily talking u can't do that unless u find out the right configuration (if not correct me :) ) Hope I helped!
  3. (βαλε ενα backdoor και απλα μην δωσεις source)
  4. Άνοιξε πρώτα ομόρρυθμη εταιρία για την διαδικτυακή επιχείρηση σου(server). Και συζητάμε μετά σε τι Φ.Π.Α υπόκεινται οι δωρεές. :* μην το ψάχνεις..
  5. What is this? :troll: <stat name='noPece' val='true'/> Also where are the "node" ? Anyway, if you want custom stuff being done inside the area I suggest you to make a new type of zone. Here is something that can help you http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/139771-multifunctionzone/ . If not, stick to sweets post.
  6. It's not obviouce cause: http://pastebin.com/H1GmJdBy Where should activeChar.setActiveEnchantTimestamp(System.currentTimeMillis()); go? According to H5 it goes on a missing packege named RequestExTryToPutEnchantTargetItem The client packet on H5 is : case 0x4c: msg = new RequestExTryToPutEnchantTargetItem(); break; also missing from interlude. Related to enchant protection I did the following //fast auto-enchant cheat check if ((activeChar.getActiveEnchantTimestamp() > 0) && (System.currentTimeMillis() - activeCha
  7. what is the packet of RequestExTryToPutEnchantTargetItem on interlude? You know the box that appears when you right click on enchant scroll?
  8. Maybe Gabe is coding them :P . No offence but I don't think they have the potential to payback the pack cost from their donations. A very well known (L2OFF) who is online since the 'OP' times of Lineage 2 got around 50,000$ during the last 11 years. (L2j should cost around 132,000$ for the same period) Clearly overpriced? But anyway, at least we got L2 Pride and of course L2 dragon claw source. * Don't forget phantom system
  9. I'm glad you will assist me on this problem. I doubt it's a hardware malfunction but never mind. Well I guess they didn't pm you because their servers didn't have more that 50 active players (after rev 340?). I expected to drop me a pm rather than spamming you. Which I wouldn't do. I'll provide you access on a 'buggy' pc. It's kind of disappointed to see unorganized and common servers with the only positive being the online players. I tho their server source would be 'junked' somewhere on mxc and a kind person would have replied with it. Unfortunately no-one replied. Ps: memory lea
  10. Read my 1st post. 1st. I didn't ask for a bugless and lagless server. (please read my first post) 2nd. I know there is no such 'official' pack that's why I'm asking here. Maybe someone wish to share it with me or knows a shared one. (leaked l2 pride) 3rd. 100$ for a stable pack is a low price? LMAO Please don't 'shit' on this topic
  11. Is there any good (interlude)project available? I mean a decent one tested with 500 online players without any critical bugs/ massive memory leaks during 12 hours of running. I used to be aCis customer for the last years so please don't mention it. (I'm know more than basic java stuff). Also I'm not interested to customs -I can code them by myself- Thank you PS: even paid project but lower than 100$
  12. Guys as I said above it is exploit-able! Currently it will damage your server. About the hopzone try an alternative way, ccurl with a php the hopzone page and pretend being googlebot. Then you can point the java method to your php..
  13. Hello bistabil First of all thank you for asking. Second, let me answer you. All enchant rates are pre-configured. What do I mean by that? Each enchant have a different rate. Also, the enchant rates I publish on the website are calculated on average. (we are not going to publish each enchant rate). About the Life Stones info & the date "corruption". We have the right to update our website/server info. Unfortunately we don't have enough time to update thousand of 3rd party websites (soon or later will happen). All the latest changes are published on our updater / website. If you find