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  1. Hello i want to change olympiad period auto 2 week can help me for how to change it? thx
  2. hello i want to create pvp x100 or x300 server i interest minimal requirements for aCis 500+ online and quests works yes? thx
  3. dream555


    Okey aCis is ready for stable server with 500+ online yes? what is price? i want last revision. But now i have one problem. i sont know how download it from svn how complie it and how i finish Acis project to finish for ready to config and start serv do u mean what i am saying? i know config xp enchant limit chance and some other for game but dont know download and build complie it stable full.
  4. dream555


    1. need to create pvp stable 500+ online server 2. interest that has aCis enchant protection and other protections? 3. i interest that quests working or not. thanks i am waiting reply
  5. dream555


    hello i need aCis project but i interest that is stable? i want to create 500+ online pvp server and i interest this project have protection? enchant and other and last question. this project have working quests? 100% or?
  6. i want to create pvp x500 server. not low rate. acis have protection? i dont want to make 4k online low or mid rate server
  7. okey lucera is best project? i need it last rev ENG what is price?
  8. aCis is bad??? need best ( very good ) project of interlude
  9. hello everyone i need to build my serv "interlude" but i dont know whitch project is best and whitch works 100% i dont need bugged and unstable serv. i need project who have fixed buges have protection and is stable best project. i am waiting thanks. need build stable good server.
  10. hello everyone i need to change my client interface how can i change it? can anybody help me? look at this what i mean this is my client interface and want to change to
  11. Hello everyone i need bot program or script. i need to enter char from walker and when i invite to party she auto buffme summon buf E.X Gift Of Seraphim sry my bad english. how i can to this? anybody can help me? i need to change auto buff of gift of seraphim and blessing of queen.