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  1. Hi. I present information portal L2Go.ru - advertising service Lineage 2 projects. I decided to tell you about his portal L2Go.ru - Announcement Server Lineage 2 The portal is relatively young, but he had made a good contribution. From paid services: VIP-server three categories Red, yellow, blue. The difference in the price category and positions on the site. Red - the highest position. Yellow - medium. Blue - a budget option among VIP server. Category Recommended. Buy services available through a special form on the page Buy VIP Promo code on the discount of 15% - nkzgpohlli
  2. It is necessary to remove the old system folder and run as administrator
  3. December 19th. The site is in Russian, but in the game there is English. There is also a patch in English
  4. Thank you! The server has Russian and English language
  5. The Project BESTPVP.RU About the project: Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300. Full implementation of the chronicles. Level off PTS ! A balanced economy and minimum Donate ! The balance of class and really interesting concept ! Maximum pvp on epic bosses and location ! Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300 Mobs champions (76-80 lvl, isolated aura) Tasty drop from raid bosses 76+ lvl! Farm area with Tyrannosaurus, Rep 1 minute, Drop Life Stone - 25% Free access to all the catacombs and the Necropolis! Beginning of the game: The ability to create a character with a English
  6. Man scored a bunch of customers. As a result, the economy is ruled by customers fixes manually. All priority is given to vip customers. Price Economy client 100 $ It remained 15 days of the client account, the developer added to the black list and banned in icq forum. Beware and pass by. Binding core.jar \ l2p \ gameserver \ utils \ IpManager http://www.mediafire.com/download/119a22a82sg06z2/pain.rar rus: Человек набрал кучу клиентов и зажрался. В результате эконом-клиенты правят фиксы вручную. Весь приоритет отдан vip клиентам. Цена эконом-клиента 100 $ Оставалось 15 дней клиентского акка
  7. Add the effect of the character of the camp during the captcha