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  1. Hi all , i want to change my main lol account https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Snappy for lvl 30 clear ranked history account .
  2. Gl with your server and i have one proffer for you change this website ....
  3. Look here : gameserver/config/server # Template with the privileges are in a file GMAccess.xml, for PlayerID set = "0" EverybodyHasAdminRights = True/False
  4. nope the letters is my problem I think I'm blind :D
  5. Good video but people never stop play this comercial shit just stop make stupid people famous ....
  6. Ty for your share bro maybe you can give us little info
  7. xaxa and what is base source of this pack Rebellion (russian team) ... btw I have no intention of you or your life story I finished with you .