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  1. I do not intent to get other people acc banned. I thought that i made it clear in the previous post. Thanks
  2. Hello, one of my friends recently started to play league of legends and he cannot get out of bronze. I am plat 1 and i really want to help him. He is so angry sometimes that i cannot even speak to him because of some games :D. So... I am wondering if anyone who is bronze 5 or in bronze division on EUNE is willing to give me his acc and paswd in private message cause i dont want to be kicked out when im playing. I know probably you are thinking who is this random guy.. he could be a scammer.. dont forgot i cannot change the email or your password without your confirmation so dont be afraid nothing happens besides that I dont need your account. LF : EUNE Account Bronze Division.
  3. can you delete this one too? http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/216442-every-opinion-matters/ thanks
  4. Hello 1st of all make sure that your skills work. If its now working just boost the power<set name="power" val="80" I am not sure what pack are you using but I will try to help.. 2nd try to change <set name="maxNegated" val="5" 5-15. To remove all of the buffs I know that you have to enable "MadDebuffAmount=' ' " from the config; you have to modifty that also. Before doing this make sure you have a copy of your file in case they dont work so you can easily replace it with the original one.
  5. Thank you very much, It's working. Have a nice day !
  6. Hello everybody, I have managed to implement Custom Cancel Task from here : http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/215811-custom-cancel-task-l2jfrozen/?do=findComment&comment=2647837 Everything is working fine, but I want to add this : http://imgur.com/a/12gtv (Maximize the photo) Okay , so as you can see when a player gets debuffed using "Cancellation" from mystic muse or archmage a debuff Icon appears with a countdown, that means the Time for buffs to return in seconds. For example if I add from config 6 seconds and a players gets debuffed using cancel the countdown starts and ends when the player got the buffs back. If anybody knows how can I add that I will appreciate it very much, I hope that I gave enough details Thank you, have a good day.
  7. did you fix the error? I had the same error and i changed something in the code. Pm me so i can help you.
  8. good job , thank you very much for sharing it with us
  9. good luck with server dude :D It's just a personal opinion, the custom items will kill the server Donate Shop will be Hero status,Augments,Enchants and stuff like that?
  10. Allright thank you very much, I really appreciate that you help me Have a nice day
  11. Hello again, maybe I'm a bit frustrating... sorry about that :D I copy-paste all of the codes from .java file that you uploaded into my L2Bosszone.java file. I created a file in gameserver/data/zones/FlagZone.xml I copied everything with "BossZone" from "zone.xml" to "flagzone.xml" and edited them from BossZone to FlagZone as you can see here : http://imgur.com/13QIdDg Im not flagged neither in one of the RaidBoss Lairs. Thank you again. What do you think its not better to add some lines in the L2ArenaZone.java with autoflag?? And I can just edit in zone.xml from BossZone to Arena ?
  12. Ok i have managed to fix all of the errors in Eclipse. The Auto-Flag is working only when I enter to Baium Lair, Antharas Lair and Valakas Lair. ( When i tp from custom gatekeeper to Ant Queen (Ant Queen Lair) or Orfen, Core and Zaken its not working. The player is not getting Auto-Flagged. Some advice ? What should I do? Thank you !
  13. Thanks both of you for your help When I try to add the lines I get 2 erros, I have attached some pictures to see better what happened. Error 1 http://imgur.com/a/Gtnx5 Error 2 http://imgur.com/fAlyuzB
  14. Thank you for your advice, can you be more explicit about "add flag in method onEnter in your bosszone" ? I know for experienced people like you may sound a bit noobish but I'm new in everything which includes Server Development.
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