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  1. Hi people ! is there any way to disable clan window ? or change the content.. im working in an auto-clan proyect and y need to disable it (ALT + N too) Thanks !! L2JACIS
  2. Im actually testing it and with full resistances like "elemental protection, resist wind, fire, earth, aqua, and dances / songs of resistances and its working good, but in that case ill take your advice, tested with surrenders, vortex, everything going ok for now.
  3. Hi Tryskell, thank you for your response, I managed to solve the problem, its whas some kind of problem with the "Subdiv" statement in the XML, just replaced with "Mul" and adjusted the value to 1.20 in the case of surrender (20% more) or in the case of resist to 0.80 (20% resist) Tested and working good, my acis revision is old, i know, but my proyect its almost complete with this revision. Thank you for your response anyway. Greetings !
  4. Hi , im having some troubles with resist / surrender skills Example: When using Hurricane after casting surrender to wind, the damage is the same. When using Hurricane after using Resist wind buff, damage is the same. i have checked xml skills and everything is how supposed to be. i have checked formulas, and i dont find any error. if i use "holy weapon " and after i use a holy skill, the damage is calculated ok if i use holy weapon and after i do a physical attack, the damage is calculated ok the problem is resist / surrender skills . Not working at all.
  5. Hi community, im working with Faction mod and im trying to set when a player dies to go to last captured flag in faction mod, is there any method to do this ? the idea is that the "fixed " button teleports a player to last faction captured flag , i know that "l2tpflaginstance" manages captured flags , so the npc shows a list of captured flags for the team , using this maybe i can set up the button to go to the first flag in the list (the first is the last captured in the npc ) or maybe create other method to store that location when a player capture the flag and bring
  6. Hi ! I want to disable buffer class from my server, im using l2jacis, i tried to disable it from classId but it crashes npcs xD So i just need to disable support classes from class manager and sub class manager. is there any idea ? thank you very much Greetings.
  7. Gracias reynaldo lo voy a probar y te comento los resultados, la idea es que al obtener faccion en mi server, tambien obtenga clan y por lo tanto los clan skills. pero actualmente cuando elijo clan, no me refresca los clan skills instantaneamente, (el clan general esta lv 8 full skill ) entonces hay que re-logear para que tome dichos clan skill. lo pruebo y te comento muchas gracias.
  8. Hi, is there some command to refresh clan skills without re-login ?
  9. Hi friends , Im having some problems to set a default crest when faction is selected, i cant get the method to set a default crest from crestcache (previously loaded in data/crest) for all faction members. can i get some help with this ? sorry for my bad english. Greetings
  10. Hi, im working in this faction mod, and adapted a TvT event from the forum, now its working fine. The only problem is that faction attack restriction interferes with TVT Event, so when 2 players from same faction are in tvt , they cannot attack each other, found this in l2character: if (this instanceof L2PcInstance) { L2PcInstance player = (L2PcInstance) this; L2PcInstance trgtF = null; boolean cond = true; if (!player.isInSiege() && !player.isInOlympiadMode() && !player.isInsideZone(ZONE_PVP)) { if (target instanceof L2Pc
  11. Solved tnx for the answers: just changed _playerInstance.teleToLocation(_coordinates[0], _coordinates[1], _coordinates[2], 0); to _playerInstance.teleToLocation(_coordinates[0], _coordinates[1], _coordinates[2]); Please close.
  12. I dont have that metod , maybe i have to import it ? or creating it in l2pcinstance ?