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  1. how can i get that update ? , need to fix this ... started a project and i didnt know that this might happen 😕
  2. Hi folks, im having an weird issue, summon isnt coming back to master when it kills a mob, you have to touch "change movement mode " someone had this issue ? its acis 399. I see that the code its ok, but maybe im wrong. thanks . @Override protected void thinkAttack() { if (getActor().denyAiAction()) { doActiveIntention(); return; } final Creature target = _currentIntention.getFinalTarget(); if (isTargetLost(target)) { doActiveIntention(); return; } final boolean isShiftPressed = _currentIntention.isShiftPressed(); if (getActor().getMove().maybeStartOffensiveFollow(target, getActor().getStatus().getPhysicalAttackRange())) { if (isShiftPressed) doActiveIntention(); return; } getActor().getMove().stop(); if (!getActor().getAttack().canDoAttack(target)) { doActiveIntention(); return; } getActor().getAttack().doAttack(target); }
  3. Hola mikado, por casualidad tenes alguna guia para modificar el protocol version? me gustaria probar esto que estas compartiendo. Gracias !
  4. yes, its exactly that... i found it a year ago.. but my hdd ripped and i lost it 😞 and now i cant find it anywhere. If anyone know a simmilar one, ill be gratefull
  5. Hi, does anyone have the Rank Pvp System 3.8.7 by Masterio (rps_v387) for share ? i cannot find it in any place... links broken.. Thanks !!
  6. Thank you very much, im checking this and reply.. 🙂
  7. Its al older acis version, i think 350.. i know its old, but i have a project nearly finished with this and this is the only bug i found.. i just need to know what packets may cause this problem to look and make tests...
  8. Hi. im having this problem with summoners, sometimes (not all the time) when you use summoning (all classes) it starts floating... someone had this problem? maybe u guys can tell me what packet can i check in the source to solve ... its really annoying. Im using acis. Thank you very much guys.
  9. Hello colleagues, maybe someone can tell me what are the packages that handle the party system, because I recently added a tournament "2.0" code and then the "party leave" command stopped working. that is, I put /leave (i didnt modify the commands far from it, but add the "tournament 2.0" that is circulating on the internet and now I have this bug ... I could roll back the code but maybe it is something easy to solve (took me some time to adapt ... hee hee.. ) ... maybe someone had similar issue with this... I use Acis ... in advance, thank you very much to all you colleagues of mxc community. Greetings to all. Sorry my bad english. solved, please close, thanks
  10. Hello, I am putting together a random respawn button for the epic boss zones, that is, someone dies and presses "random respawn" and sends it to a random coordinate within the grand boss zone .. but I am not managing to get a reference for separate the different grand bosses with their zones ... I have this code: private static List <Location> _core1 = new ArrayList <> (); there I create a list of locations and I can play with the Rnd.get but how to separate each epic with its zone? I know I could create a multizone for each one, but would it be convenient? Thanks in advance im using Acis .
  11. Hi folks, I have a startup code where the class, items, etc are selected before the players can do anything, is there any way to add that the class they select is independent of race? From already thank you very much. Im using Acis .
  12. Hi people ! is there any way to disable clan window ? or change the content.. im working in an auto-clan proyect and y need to disable it (ALT + N too) Thanks !! L2JACIS
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