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  1. Seems that all .dat files in System folder uses 613 encryption which means that Fileedit will not be able to edit those files... good protection though.
  2. Just wanted to discuss about adding extra Map locations till example Ancient city of Arcan or whatever... What should be done to avoid mobs and NPC going crazy? I mean custom added zone should have no geodata at all? Am I wrong? if no, then question would be how to fix geodata for custom zones?
  3. Ok, actually real problem was solved by downloading the correct fileedit, mentioned above by Sweets. but still sometimes i get error but thats due to incorrect lines of custom items, That problem can be fixed using correct lines of items in the .dat files. does anybody know where i could find itemname lines explained?
  4. Thanks for quick reply, not sure but I hope - i have fixed the problem, gonna test it right now. in my case: Fileedit gives problem in russian: that there was an error saving file or what not... it was giving me error the whole evening... until I tried to set some properties on EXE file.. of Fileedit... I've set Compatibility mode : Win7 and ticked "run as administrator" I will update this topic later, when I'm sure that this was my problem. and it was solved.
  5. Ok, Hi there, It's been atleast a couple of years since I last touched L2 Java or L2 Client files... I'm not trying to pretend to be Developer or to be a "Serious" modder... but atleast before I used to know how to add some custom shit to the server and client.... but now, I decided to play around again with C6 server and the client. but I have encountered huge F*cking problem.... I tried 3 different Fileedit versions, tried like 20 various Systems (other servers) clean systems, patched systems.... but I cannot manage to Save .dat file (itemname-e.dat) no matter what i do....
  6. I have no idea how to do that, is it very hard to make those few changes? :))))
  7. Hey there, I got a problem: Theres nice community board with GM SHOP Buffer etc. But I'm not satisfied with embedded buffer, I would like to use Rin4a Buffer V1.3 Edited by squirtle. and embed it to community board, but to be honest: I DONT KNOW how, I found HTML file which is main buff page how should i change the code to execute script? The main html file for buffer tab in CB: <table width=600> <tr> <td height=300> <table width=300> <tr> <td align=center>
  8. Could you share Original Vesper armors for IL?