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  1. I will get back to the the l2j custom pack soon, of curse first i will upgrade it into the last free l2j acis version
  2. Update 11 Transfer and conversion all the updates from 350 rev to 360 rev
  3. Maybe it doesn't look nice, but it is good enough for my 15 minutes I spend
  4. Guys listen up, I have made 4 private repositories in Bitbucket, 1. The first repository includes all the custom features for the aCis pack rev 360 , but there will be a delay of 15 features. 2. The second repository includes all the custom features for the aCis pack rev 360 , there will be no delay at all Access in the below repositories will get only the authorize members by tryskell, which mean if they don't have the pack Legally they can't get access. 3. The third repository includes all the custom features for the aCis pack rev 370 , but there will be a delay of 15 features.
  5. I am member in maxcheater since the age of 15, what do you except ?
  6. Hello bistabill, thank you for your interest, but the less response I get from the ppl the less time I spend developing it ^-^ ^-^
  7. First of all nor the balancer and nor the votereward system is yours... it belongs to anarchy etc, second of all I know that you are getting money from newbies because they are not even qualified for a simple custom npc setup, since I've made this I helped a lot newbies.. so yes I am sure 100% that people like you stealing the money from newbies for simple and premade tasks.
  8. I know you are getting money for such a custom, so yes sorry if i destroy your business by providing this customs completely free
  9. Guys I believe this is obvious, 10.1 means it is an extension of the update 10 which means is doesn’t count as an update… Elfocrash why do you event care? You disliked the pack from the moment got created so let me share the code earlier only for those who really cares for this pack ;)
  10. Update 10.1 Update Includes => new event engine Share configuration for all the new events 1.Dynamic number of teams 2.Different color per team 3.Different coordination per team 4.Different team name per team You can create as many teams as you like //NEW seperated by semicolon TvTEventTeamName = Good;Evil;Some TvTEventTeamColor = ffff00;ff0000;0000ff TvTEventTeamCoordinates = 148695,46725,-3414;149999,46728,-3414;149999,46728,-3414 To be clear here, these days I am creating a completly new event engine for TvT,CTF,DM using Polymorfism and Abstraction for all the
  11. continue reinventing the wheel using the wrong tools to prove that you are someone special.. cy
  12. That's correct using C++ you will gain better perfomance but what about time consuming in development ? You have to balance these things do you need perfomance or rapid development? and if you want both what is the best approach? does the C++ has the ready libraries for your work? or you have to develop those as well? so many questions to answer before starting the development... that's why you are wasting your time by developing in .NET for the current tasks
  13. I am not a .NET and Microsoft addict, we should use the right tools for the right tasks in the right moment, no matter if is Java,.NET or even PHP We must admit that in client-server architecture using sockets(TCP,UDP packets) it's preferable to use Java with the powerfull Java API Java.net => package "τα σωστα εργαλεια για το σωστο αποτελεσμα"