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  1. upd: WTS script AutoPotion for l2jsunrise ( I wrote for one person, but he has not paid for the work and has not been in touch for several days. Price 25eu)
  2. https://yadi.sk/d/_fG46vP5dM-_FA L2Open clean https://yadi.sk/d/0dnWsodINj2w9A TheAbyss/overworld/lostworld https://yadi.sk/d/GvCUPqxRTdCdkA L2Open + L2CCCP
  3. 1. Stop send soulshot packet, statusupdate, etc
  4. I can send you links to my profiles on the forums of the RU segment.I just haven't worked in the EU segment before. What is the problem that I created an account and a theme with my services?
  5. Hello. I offer my Java development services. My working language : java, html, sql, xml I am writing various services, bug fixes, and etc working. Price: The starting price for one task is 20 euros and more, depending on your wishes. Accepted payment methods service : 1. paysend.com My contacts: Skype : showshake Telegramm : https://t.me/smile10_q
  6. WTS instance zone cooldown service. You can add / remove some zones. The service resets the rollback to the instance zone and allows the player to go to it again. Source code: owerworld for more info pm in skype or telegramm I can adapt to your source code for money:)