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  1. I can post a compiled assembly so that you understand what this is about. Of course, with limitations.
  2. https://yadi.sk/d/_fG46vP5dM-_FA L2Open clean https://yadi.sk/d/0dnWsodINj2w9A TheAbyss/overworld/lostworld https://yadi.sk/d/GvCUPqxRTdCdkA L2Open + L2CCCP
  3. If you don’t see the difference between what is broken and what needs to be completed, I’m sorry for you. If you're just a rogue, use free sources and stop writing nonsense.
  4. If I have free time, I will finish them myself, and I will not sell the source code in principle. Those who like to eat shit can use l2jacis and their counterparts.
  5. Source base nanogame.org High Five, downgraded to interlude. Selling to those who are interested in finalizing. In a state that is now - you should not put on a live server. Need rework/check 100% 1. Spawn mobs 2. Quests Was paired with T0: 1. Weapon stats 2. Armor stats 3. Chars stats 4. Skills stats 5. Item stats 6. Soulcry 7. FishData 8. Ench data/bonuses 9. Statics obj 10. Npc stats/skills Downgrade: 1. Packets 2. Removed everything that was added in updates from T0 to CT 2.6 Source p
  6. 1. Stop send soulshot packet, statusupdate, etc
  7. I can send you links to my profiles on the forums of the RU segment.I just haven't worked in the EU segment before. What is the problem that I created an account and a theme with my services?
  8. Hello. I offer my Java development services. My working language : java, html, sql, xml I am writing various services, bug fixes, and etc working. Price: The starting price for one task is 20 euros and more, depending on your wishes. Accepted payment methods service : 1. paysend.com My contacts: Skype : showshake Telegramm : https://t.me/smile10_q
  9. WTS instance zone cooldown service. You can add / remove some zones. The service resets the rollback to the instance zone and allows the player to go to it again. Source code: owerworld for more info pm in skype or telegramm I can adapt to your source code for money:)