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  1. Thank You Just Got Mine Furnished And Installed Thank You So Much For The Reply! :D
  2. How do i fix the inventory it randomly makes all items unusable unless dropped and picked up with the inventory open or dragged to a hot bar once close inventory bug resets and everything is unusable again how do i fix this https://www.twitch.tv/videos/756031426?filter=all&sort=time So it happens even on new account creation
  3. Shopping for a client patch to my server pm me please i want custom graphics and simple clean layout of the patcher also im looking for a designer to create logos and ads that will fit MC forums
  4. New And Upcoming L2j Server Low Rate Custom New And HardCore PvP System Custom Quest's Custom Mounts Specialized Events GM Shop To C Grade Good Day, Looking for 6 people to join My project as volunteer testers HIGHFIVE Chronicle This Is A PvP/Quest/Craft Server Requirements: - English / Spanish --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Your Information:
  5. Hey @HyperBlown Thanx For Your Reply I understand What you Mean About "Setting up your server isnt hard,dont waste your money at start," But i have no idea what to do nor where to begin ive looked at tutorials videos read posts but its all very confusing and seems like there are always pieces missing either in the middle or towards the end ... seems the start of it is EZ but some where along the lines of tuts there is a bug or something breaks and its just Something i cant handle as i have no Knowledge im A Roofing Contractor Not a Coder. I am prepared to Fund either through a Payro
  6. Looking For A Developer's To Bring Setup And Start A New Lineage 2 Private Server Introduce Me Into The Basics Of Running A Server And Its Mechanics For Maintenance I will Fund The Project I Currently Have Nothing So Need Someone Who Will Absolutely Dedicate There Time To Me And My Project If Interested Contact Me Via DISCORD ALCON#7677
  7. Cant Wait TO Play :D <3
  8. Looks Good Cant Wait To play Coming Back To L2 From A long Time Now Would Like Some Good Gameplay With Good People :D <3
  9. ^ but then what server do ppl want eh :3
  10. It brings the hardcore players back since its so retail like lol but i think that mp pots should be added if no buffer
  11. Looks good actually now by 2 months of playing now cleaning the server why ? and how often are these resets going too happen cuz if i play and if all is balanced and good i will end up donating i just dont want to be reset by the end of the month LOL so?? Wish it would launch now LOL its 5:30 AM XD
  12. still looking for someone too code me a program too enchant weps/armor
  13. Hey Im Just Wondering If Anyone Can Possibly Make Some New Fully Working Enchanter Hack Too Enchant Weapons And Armor For Freya/HighFive Servers i play on L2Crysis and if someone can create a working enchanter hack im will too pay for it :3