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  1. L2StackSub No Donate (And will newer be) Main Site http://www.l2stacksub.com/ Comunity / Forum http://forum.l2stacksub.com/ Hello to everyone. This server we prepared with long labor. It has a slightly different structure than the others. Our server is H5. Stuck Sub (Multi Skill) system is used. Unlike many other exaggerated stuck sub servers, it has a more serious and balanced system. The Stuck Sub system is Main + 1. the class you open first and the next class's skills combine with each other. In the game you can combine the special abilities of your weapons. for example (Arcana Mace + Acumen + Mana Up + Empower). In order to achieve this feature, you have to acquire other special abilities of the weapon. The special abilities we see as unnecessary are changed and new special abilities have been added. several of them are examples. The (Draconic Bow + Cheap Shot) Cheap Shot feature allows you to shoot cheaply. but in our opinion this feature does not have much effect on Player vs Player. We changed this feature with Might. The (Might) feature gives you + 16% P.Atk. many such useless features have been rendered useful. There is a unique Tattoo System in our server. It can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. and extremely balanced. it raises a feature, but on the other hand reduces it from a feature. for example. (Tatto Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Atk Lv.1) this tattoo gives you +2% Attack Speed. but also Decrease -8%. P.Atk. But if the level of the tattoo increases. The feature is increased. but minus value of the tattoo is decrease. for example. Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface Power Lv.5 this tattoo gives you +6% Attack Speed. -5% Power Atack. These tattoos can be used up to two. Available for Right and Left. A person wearing 2 Tattoo Of Attack Speed will get an Attack Speed +12%. And each tattoo has 2 different features. for example. (Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Atk) (Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Def and M.Def ) and many more beautiful features you will discover as you play. Server Rates XP - 12x SP - 14x Drop - 15x Spoil - 15x Quest - 5x Adena - 25x Max Enchant Rates Weapon - 16 Armor - 12 Jewel - 12 T-Shirt - 12 Enchant Chance Rates Normal Scroll Weapon - 66% Armor - 70% Jewel - 70% T-Shirt - 70% Enchant Chance Rates Blessed Scroll Weapon - 70% Armor - 75% Jewel - 75% T-Shirt - 75% Buff Features Dance & Song Limit = 16 Buff Limit = 36 Debuff Limit = 5 Olympiad Features Evey day at 18:00 Epic Boss Spawn Features Valakas - 48 Hours Antharas - 48 Hours Baium - 48 Hours Ant Queen - 48 Hours Zaken - 48 Hours Frintezza - 48 Hours Core - 48 Hours Orfen - 48 Hours Baylor - 48 Hours Sailren - 48 Hours Freya - 48 Hours
  2. Finaly i could edit interfere.u file with an decoder. i did change a few code. evventualy i can show enemy healt and mana bar. but when i hit the enemy Current hp doesnt decrease or increase. if I click on the enemy when i kill monster. enemy hp bar show empty stick. when i click a mob with full hp then after click the enemy. the enemy hp bar is full. i gues i need to configure .java codes too. but it is so hard who is dont know too much java developer.
  3. there is no L2PcInstance.java file in my source. i think the owner of this source did change this .java file. but content of the L2PcInstance.java is %90 same in Player.java which is have my source. i think i can handle TargetStatusWnd.uc HandleTargetUpdate() thing with UTPT i dont know. at least i will try.
  4. its realy good and enogh for me . but with mp and cp bar more good than this. i did search in russian and brazillian pages. they are found a few way to make this function easely. example : and here the codes https://forum.zone-game.info/showpost.php?p=424868&postcount=83 but i am using different emulator. probably they are using l2jserver or their emulator. i dont know that how to Adapt that codes on my Emulator L2JMythras.
  5. its best way to make good thing in game if you have money :). but i dont have:) tnks for reply
  6. yes i want to use just in specifc cases. believe me i couldn't do it since morning :). i did look in olympiad.java files. StaticObject.Java. Player.java. but i coultn't make anything.
  7. yea i know how is hp bar in GOD. if you want to see enemy hp bar you have to show yours to enemy. it can be open in Option. if you can do that function. you are reealy capable in this job. but i don sure that i can afford the money. i will try own my way.
  8. That is very good idea. I never thought of this :). if i could know english very well. i can make many different things. I caught the end of the rope :). if you sure that Devil in the Static value. i will try. thanks a lot.
  9. thanks for reply. Is there any different way to make this function in legally?
  10. hello everyone have a good day. I want to see Enemy Player Hp Mp bar on top. when i click to player. like Monster HP bar. i am using l2jMythras Server. i have Source Files.