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  1. Ugleethyn could i pm u ? or could u explain me how acis works? i see i can download a free source but i see a private source too , how it works? i hv to pay all month for last one? or just one time? thks and i stop spam this topic
  2. Hello Ugleethyn thks for ur fast answer, i am not a new admin but i wanna be one and good developer, so i dont know how can i start, some ppl say me to buy a good project bassed in l2j, others l2jacis, others l2jfrozen, i dont know which one is better than others i thing its depends... i dont like whit a lot of modifies and full of bugs, so thks i going to test l2jacis how u posted . thks bro
  3. Hello, sry for my english, i can understand all but its not easy to me to write in this lenguage. I am interesting in a mid/craft interlude server (x25), whit clean code to be able to make modifications, i dont like a custom server whit 1k of NPCs, i just looking a server like this one [l2j]l2 Heiwan.club actually is offline but was a good balance server, i am looking for a datapack and source becouse i know about game and java lenguage thats all, i wanna know prices and if is possible test server before to buy. thks. If someone hv a good balanced proyect complete to s
  4. I would like someone to help me with this type of captcha. Thanks