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  1. All prices is high - https://www.l2jguard.org/ has good prices with quality hardware
  2. Some servers shown, the admins themselves have various forms and bots that do this type of automatic voting service without necessarily having to be for real people. Some are the same owners so the huge amount of votes and different names. But all this because of the bots and I believe not by TOP administrators. There are services that pay well, get votes and clicks on any TOP. Only Marketing ...
  3. In Acis just put duration in item. If I'm not mistaken in the new versions already have that same code. <!-- Timed Jewels --> <item id="9610" type="Armor" name="Timed Earring of Antharas - 5 Hours"> <set name="default_action" val="equip" /> <set name="bodypart" val="rear;lear" /> <set name="material" val="GOLD" /> <set name="weight" val="150" /> <set name="price" val="3700000" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="is_tradable" val="false" /> <set name="is_dropable" val="false" /> <set name="is_sellable" val="false" /> <set name="is_depositable" val="false" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="item_skill" val="3558-1" /> <set name="duration" val="300" /> <!-- DURATION --> <for> <add order="0x10" stat="mDef" val="71" /> <add order="0x40" stat="maxMp" val="31" /> <enchant order="0x0C" stat="mDef" val="0" /> </for> </item>