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  1. I have tested today! It doesn't work, the jars are old, for Acis ante 362, it doesn't work because they constantly change the location files and their renames. And the tgs.jar file has references that do not exist in current Acis or in old ones. That is to work and only in version 362. That's a pity
  2. All prices is high - has good prices with quality hardware
  3. Some servers shown, the admins themselves have various forms and bots that do this type of automatic voting service without necessarily having to be for real people. Some are the same owners so the huge amount of votes and different names. But all this because of the bots and I believe not by TOP administrators. There are services that pay well, get votes and clicks on any TOP. Only Marketing ...
  4. In Acis just put duration in item. If I'm not mistaken in the new versions already have that same code. <!-- Timed Jewels --> <item id="9610" type="Armor" name="Timed Earring of Antharas - 5 Hours"> <set name="default_action" val="equip" /> <set name="bodypart" val="rear;lear" /> <set name="material" val="GOLD" /> <set name="weight" val="150" /> <set name="price" val="3700000" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="is_tradable" val="false" /> <set name="is_dropable" val="false" /> <set name="is_sellable" val="false" /> <set name="is_depositable" val="false" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="item_skill" val="3558-1" /> <set name="duration" val="300" /> <!-- DURATION --> <for> <add order="0x10" stat="mDef" val="71" /> <add order="0x40" stat="maxMp" val="31" /> <enchant order="0x0C" stat="mDef" val="0" /> </for> </item>
  5. LOL ... in the table place the actual ip of your dedicated. And point the NO-IP to your dedicated, simple ip. You do not need to put the ip of your DDNS or NO-IP in the settings, settling to point to pro IP enough. So simple and they break the head with it!
  6. Smart creates temporary files on all computers that use any system ... so it is not a reliable file. Why keep files on the player's computer?
  7. I believe everyone at MXC and because it still has hope that L2 will still be taken seriously. 1st - Most Admins do not want players or playable server, just want donations money. 2nd - No one, I say nobody will want to dedicate themselves to L2. because it is not taken seriously. 3rd - A great majority that is interested will be for something else. I still hope that L2 will be taken seriously by the vast majority.
  8. nothing.... the sleep as interrupted. Change the try method and check "Config.ARENA_CALL_INTERVAL"
  9. None of it will be worth it, nor will you research it if it worked. I advise you to continue in Java!