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  1. It only a question ... and that sometimes we need to evolve. Good luck!🚀
  2. I looked at the files, many files are missing. There is no database, if you want to create a database and all the tables better create something better
  3. have a source? Explain more! Is the client interlude used? Has only the engine been modified to look like a C4? Is the C4 client used? Did you downgrade completely? Is a little confused
  4. What to expect from a person who banned all Brazilians because of a Brazilian community. What a rude thought! If you think so, you should not use this forum or L2JBrasil and remain only on your forum. (FOLLOWING YOUR LOGIC) your policy of using them to blame everyone because you don't like L2JBrasil, it seems like a child thing.
  5. I have tested today! It doesn't work, the jars are old, for Acis ante 362, it doesn't work because they constantly change the location files and their renames. And the tgs.jar file has references that do not exist in current Acis or in old ones. That is to work and only in version 362. That's a pity
  6. All prices is high - https://www.l2jguard.org/ has good prices with quality hardware