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  1. Special offer! Until 10.10.20 we give you a 20% discount on the purchase of the interface with any modules!
  2. For all questions, please contact Skype : BadStealth , poshlya4ok666
  3. no, Korean version not supported, need fully rework all interface for supporting this localize
  4. of course, the interlude we have planned for this year, but at the moment we can not even give an approximate date for the release of the first version for interlude
  5. Sell the source code of the project l2.netlink.su there is much necessary, a lot of any custom services, a set of configurations for flexible setup of the server sale strictly to several people (4-5 people) the cost 20000r, writing in the poshlya4ok666 Skype or in a PM on the forum reason for sale - I will write the emulator from scratch
  6. my skype: poshlya4ok666, write me, i can fix it
  7. Administration, please delete this topic, reason: create a new topic - link