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  1. Avoid making PvP servers in 2021, players do not trust new PvP servers as there are numerous stable servers out there that have been going for over 5 years (namely L2Damage, L2Ketra-Wars etc). Your server's lifetime cannot be more than 2 weeks, and if it is, it means that you've made farming take endless hours which is boring. Big PvP servers usually pay clan leaders to play their server + they wipe every few months. GL with your server anyways.
  2. aCis takes care of that if I remember correctly, in IdFactory.
  3. I found out what's wrong, icons need to be imported as DXT1 in Unreal Engine in order for them to appear correctly. You can lock it, thanks!
  4. Hello. First off, I'd like to mention I'm clueless regarding client mod. I know how to add custom textures or edit existing ones and that's about it. Custom icon drag: I have added some custom icons for a few items however if I try to drag and drop one of those items (for example register a shortcut) the icon does not appear next to my cursor like it normally does with existing icons. It works fine, the shortcut is registered correctly but it looks weird. So I was wondering if someone could point out if I need to do something specific for it to work as intended.
  5. Why not? Some people prefer simplicity or they just don't care to learn more chronicles (me included). I've never enjoyed any server that isn't C4 or Interlude. Interlude content is not small and with a few modifications (some instances or custom bosses for example) it is the best Lineage 2 game there is, IMO. I tried playing H5 a few times and I wanted to puke when I looked at attributes/elements shit. I still don't know how they work and not really interested in finding out. Daggers appearing behind you, olympiad with buffs, 3v3 olympiad (???), vesper vorp
  6. MxC more like a live-chat nowadays. lmao
  7. Don't have me start on L2JArchid... 😄
  8. Not gonna lie the IP binding thing is a bit much xD I don't get the point of this discussion. It's like a mechanic is trying to tell a bunch of chefs how to cook something. No matter how many times you explain why orion is bad he will keep trying to convince you it's good even though he has no clue what good and bad is (talking about l2j packs).
  9. I never worked with any other pack than aCis for the past 5 years, however the last week I've been working on a lucera 3 server and here are my two cents: The pack itself is stable (I mean there's no gamebreaking bugs or missing things). Through their plugin system you can pretty much code anything you wish because you can access and interfere with anything from the source. There are limitations if for example you want to modify an existing system (say seven signs) beyond the configuration capabilities, you're going to have to write your own custom system from scratch.
  10. You need access to player’s hwid for that. If you have access just check if 2 players share the same hwid, then reduce exp. You can do it via IP address as well but you might run into trouble if multiple players are playing from the same ip.
  11. Check your Antharas AI script, skill id should be in there.
  12. This will disable the effect on the weapon when you activate a soulshot, Attack packet is responsible for the on-hit effects.
  13. You need to send a different Attack packet with no soulshot flags to players with disabled effects.
  14. Thanks for the insight. I was curious as to why aCis stores enter world location. I got it fixed the way you told me only not knowing it was a bug that required enter world location, just by following what Tryskell did on geo debug.
  15. Hello. So I was messing around with ExServerPrimitive packet on aCis and I was trying to draw a circle around a capture point (dominion event). But I've noticed some very strange behaviour of this packet. From my understanding, each primitive is saved in the client under a unique (?) name, like an object id. In addition to that, you need to actually send an empty packet of the name you are modifying if you wish to clear the packet in the client (or exit and open up again). However, if for example I log in 2 clients from the same PC, only the first will get t
  16. Some of the links in this topic are no longer available. (client & system on secret of empire)
  17. You need to forward the ports in your router as well, not just the firewall. If i remember correctly you need 9014 as well, I'm not sure tho haven't touched l2 files in 2 years.
  18. You're gonna need to forward login and game server ports in your router settings. Search it up there's plenty of guides how to do it. Also you might need to add an exception to your firewall.
  19. Achievements = more free stuff for players. 5% of players will look at achievements, others will just randomly get them and have no clue what happened. Good feature, just make it automated, don't expect players to go to npc for them.
  20. Good features, trusted seller :D
  21. Very low info on your issue, + you're gonna need to post a lot more code than that if you want someone to help you.
  22. You can try removing the zone completely from xml (the boss zone), that way antharas nest will be neutral zone, no special attributes such as max players etc.
  23. There is a simple explanation for the number of shares being decreased over the past few years. Lineage II community is getting older in average (yes, I doubt L2 has new players nowadays, specially private servers). What this means is that people who used to learn how to code on l2j and share their codes (because their excitement of creating something exceeded their money expectations) have moved on to actually being programmers/other jobs in real life and will no longer provide their hard-acquired knowledge for free. I would feel stupid now spending some hours of my day
  24. Such events are shared in numerous packs nowadays, I don't see the reason for someone to buy it. GL.