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  1. Miror: https://www.4shared.com/rar/8RvUDm8r/Glowtor.html
  2. Try this: private static void addOfflineItem(int owner_id, int item_id, int count) { try(Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection()) { PreparedStatement st = con.prepareStatement("SELECT count FROM items WHERE item_id=? AND owner_id=?"); st.setInt(1, item_id); st.setInt(2, owner_id); ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery(); if(rs.next()) { st = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE items SET count=? WHERE owner_id=? and item_id=?"); st.setInt(1, rs.getInt("count") + count); st
  3. This feature is not working. Not at least in aCis version. Please, read Skype. Edit: fixed!
  4. I posted it here because i sent a PM to Tryskell two weeks ago and he never answer me, then i sent you another PM and you just told me "a very nasty bug", but as you enjoy trolling noobs like me, i don't know if you was saying it seriously or just kidding.
  5. If you buy any item in any multisell shop, and the amount of required adena is higher than the adena limit of interlude, you get the items, and it cost you... not 0 adena, but -1444684684 adena, you get the items, and you gain adena. Example: You sell 1 potion for 500kk adena, and you have 1 adena in your inventory. Try buy 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 potions, and you get the message "you don't have enough adena". Now try buy 5... You get 5 potions, and maybe 2kkk adena (from 1 adena). There is any chance of support from someone to fix this? PD: Tested and work on aCis 360
  6. (Versión Español más abajo) Hi all. I decide to sell my Database Emails. All emails are of active players of Lineage 2. Chronicle of Server: Interlude Server Type: Middle Rates. Community: International (English and Spanish predominates). Maximum age of e-mails: 4 Months. 99.5% of emails are VALID, GUARANTEED. Prices: 1,000 Mail's = U$D 50 3,000 Mail's = U$D 140 5,000 Mail's = U$D 230 8,376 Mail's (Max) = U$D 350 If you are interested for buy, contact me by PM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. B1ggBoss i send you a PM with some Questions in Spanish. Thanks for all your help. Regards.
  8. Hi. I have the hope that someone can help me. I need java code to do the following: When I kill a mob, there is another in a particular location by coordinates. Example: I kill Elpy1 in Giran. And when it dies, it then appears to Elpy2 in Dion. Anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance.