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  1. Yeap it does. Some people got bans for using 3rd part software. But everyday we welcome new players :-)
  2. Gift of Vitality event from friday 6pm till this monday 4am
  3. We can't stop all bots, but can decrease amount of players using it, specially l2tower, some another bots, and cracked adrenaline.
  4. ~350 From today on our server we provide Smart Guard Protection. Please make sure you use our latest patch
  5. Today or tommorow on server we will welcome smart guard protection.
  6. We have some problem with domain, been suspended for 24hrs. Should be soon back. If you would connect please download from this link system: http://www.4shared.com/zip/HjJDroj7ba/system.html
  7. It will be for very low amount of adena, 50k-250k with chance 30%.
  8. New system http://l2sphinx.com/system.zip Server start today at 16:00
  9. @JohnBoy13, It's a point to open mid or high rate where it's lots of them? Dont think so :-) Please check our forum, section events with one will take place after server open. All player participating in the beta are eligible to obtain reward after open server. Please contact with me by send private message on ( http://l2sphinx.com/community ) forum, with name account and character with one been created on Beta Server, just do it after open L2Sphinx. Regards
  10. We would to like announce new website it's available. http://l2sphinx.com