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  1. We are OPEN BETA! Download your patch from http://l2pandemic.com/ WE WILL GO LIVE 0N FEB 25, 2021 Join our FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/L2Pandemic
  2. It is not a 10000 euro project... We kept the old site because, in fact, the site is only needed for downloading the patch. We assure you that we are comming now with a more reliable and stable pack and with a lot of improvements. The server will be, again, one of the best servers arround! Stay tunned! On february 15, the server will be OPEN BETA, all of you will be able to test our work and make an ideea!
  3. Thanks for bumping, yes, we have had the L2Mythras Server in the past! On February 26 we will go live with our new server!
  4. Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/4DY9KpdU
  5. Lol, isa same pack as l2mythras, i named thos NPC's. :)
  6. :) Host 150 euro/month Event GM 150 euro/month SmartGuard (special price/custom client) 100 eur + other billings Yes we have donnation
  7. L2MYTHRAS.EU IS BACK! <3 BIG OPENING TODAY, SEPTEMBER 29 2017 20.00 (GMT+2) OLD AND NEW CLANS WILL BE THERE! L2Mythras - a server built by players for players! <3 DOWNLOAD YOUR PACH FROM HERE: www.L2Mythras.EU/connect.php Join us ! Play with us ! Stay with us !
  8. Indeed, sharing our old source pack was a really nice and altruistic gesture. Every new comers need to have a qualitative pack to start with! :P We do love to share! Our server is a tribute for lineage 2 not a business. Maybe this is the reason Maxcheaters deleted me 15 topics and banned me 3 days! :)) L2Mythras team is unchanged: Grivesky (the code genius and the best of the best), CeluloSSe, Anais and Terios, our EVENTGM who have developed outstanding unique events, with dedicated EVENTZONES, DEDICATED MOBS, NEW DROPS, A NEW SYSTEM OF REWARDING... And gues what, none of us is