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  1. Hey guys im playing around with l2jsunrise h5 source right now, can you give me an overview how to adapt it for it, if anyone is familiar with sunrise, i think its no need to create a few of the classes i can use the made ones and import some of the logic in.
  2. First of all the server is not mine i am just a regular player in the best tauti private server at the moment! Rates Exp: 1000 Sp : 1000 Features: Gm shop (alt+b) Buffer (alt+b) Global gatekeeper (alt+b) Noblesse quest (alt+b) Class changer (except 4th class is made by making one instance that takes 5minutes max) Safe enchant : 7 Max enchant : doesnt matter enchanting isnt that easy Enchant rate : 68% blessed/normal Skills : 98% of the skills are working Yes its goddes of destruction and the server is BALANCED ! Friendly community so feel free to ask any