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  1. Server shutdown 2 days ago, admin now wants to open a l2j server...
  2. Well you can ether join a buggy l2j server(they all are) or a l2off server with 2k plus people(l2tales) thats has retarded OP donations OR you can join l2euro with non OP donations, and 100% stable 24/7 online server.
  3. Join us you will see the difrence, soo stable and bug free!!
  4. Its now 15x, its the most stable l2off server, its retail like, no mana potions so balanced pvp, non over powering donations, oly;s are feeded but oh well, alt+b community buffs one our, if you want cat,dwarf,warcry,CC you need to make buffers, so you see its baalnced overall server, ive been there 9 months and still loving it!
  5. Hey guys im having an issue with my buffs icons...there all with the same icon of the last buff i give my self...