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  1. L2 Mutiny Website: https://l2mutiny.com/index.php Discord: https://discord.gg/ek6nMmQ General RATES: Exp/Sp : x15 Adena : x7 Drop: x5 Spoil:x5 Quest Reward:x3 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Save Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Enchant: 56% Bless Encahnt: 60% Max Enchant: 50% Max Enchant: 30% Quest Reward: x2 Manor: x2 Global Gatekeeper GM Shop up to S Auction House Control Pannel .cfg Basic Features : Donation Store with limited available options. Ranking System in Community Board Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions Automatic potions clicker system, CTRL+Click Vote Reward System with a 12h cooldown usage and a 12h duration that you can obtain each time you vote. Reward: Increases your Adena XP/SP by 5% and P.ATK/M.ATK/P.DEF/M.DEF by 8% Unique Achievement System: .ach Reward:Fame Game Configuration Maximum Clients per PC: 3 2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies Buff slots: 24(+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance/Song slots: 12 Skills are auto learn Automatic loot for monsters Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC Mana Potions: 1000 MP Restoration with 8 seconds cooldown. Champion Monsters (2% to chance to spawn) Pride of Kamael buff is a SELF ONLY buff. You CAN NOT delevel to less than 70 Level.
  2. There are many voting platforms these days. Which one provides best services and value? Hopzone Topzone L2Network L2Servers L2Net.net top100arena L2top.co L2jbrazil