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  1. Hi i need script for enchanting items. If some1 can give me code bcs i cant found it in previous pages. Thanks guys! h5 client
  2. Warlord and spellhowler :) Thanks for replay
  3. Looking for exp guide some1 can help me?
  4. Hey! WTS: Main: Dominator (Certs: 6x M. Def, Celestial, UD, CP) ALL SKILLS +10 NOBLESS STATUS 1.Subclass: Storm Screamer 2.Subclass: Archmage ITEMS: Vesper Noble Robue found +6 60atr Vesper Buster+Acu+300 Wind + INT Vesper Caster+205 Fire + INT OTHERS: SH TK (Certs: 6x M. Def, Celestial, Spirit, CP) NOBLESS STATUS 3x GLAD (Certs: 6x P. Atak, Haste, Spirit, UD) 35€ PAYPAL OR PSC OR 5725 RP LoL
  5. Can someone help me enter epic boss beleth any guide etc?
  6. Ye but could you tell me pass for these winrars? Links fixed in 1st post.
  7. Can u fix links cuz cant download it now :/
  8. Hello! I want instal this custom interface but files have password and I dont understand russian language. Could some1 help me? Thanks! http://forum.averia.ws/threads/interface-modification.85383/