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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, im looking for someone who knows (and have time) to develop on LUA for a server project. More info at skype: lineage2col (isn't for lineage2) Thanks in advance.
  2. Othel 100 lvl,dual wynn 95 items:soul queen ant,tezza neck,eternal light set for info add me skype:giannaros43
  3. Hello, im Charlie, im a long time gamer, mostly lineage 2 but i have played plenty of games, like csgo, lol, diablo, wow, dota, mu, etc. im playing as powerleveler in lineage 2 but im not making enough to pay a living, so the question is: there is any chance to find a job as assistant for live chat or maybe a powerleveler, booster, driver, gold seller in any game, what game can u guys suggest me to make money this days that does not require huge time investment to start making money (vanilla wow for example)? maybe a website to get a job as live chat or anything i can do, i can be online up to 16-18 hours daily, maybe i need only 1 or 2 days a month to relax, i speak english, spanish and some portuguese (some time without practice it), i have 50MB Fiber Optic in Europe location so 0 Lag, i think i can play NA servers without problems too, i just need money as soon as possible to pay rent, food, etc, anything u guys can suggest me is really appreciate Thanks & Regards
  4. Glorians PvP Server X1000 - High Five [+]- ✔INSTANT CLAN LVL 11 + SKILL LVL 3 [+] [+]- ✔EXP: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔SP: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔ADENA: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔QUEST DROP ITEM: 1x [+] [+]- ✔PARTY EXP/SP: 2x [+] [+]- ✔RAID BOSS EVENT GOOD DROP [+] [+]- ✔CUSTOM BOSS GOOD DROP [+]- ✔CUSTOM BOSS ZONE [+] [+]- ✔Normal Scroll Safe Chance: 100% [+] [+]- ✔Blessed Scroll Chance: 90% [+] [+]- ✔Divine Scroll Chance: 100% [+] [+]- ✔Safe Enchant: +7 [+] [+]- ✔Max Enchant: +20 [+] [+]- ✔Armor Top: Poseidon, Ixion, Glorians Plates [+] [+]- ✔Weapon Top: Poseidon [+] Web : www.l2glorians.com FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/l2gloriansbattle/ Systextures : https://mega.nz/#!CwRVGTqJ!ttVBJvlq5uf5pu8BXS6sggoTDXc0YoWBypSZ0B4YDLQ System : https://mega.nz/#!zwBiFJjQ!sddeS0U8gRBI8kr3GhZ-NaM0LTUviM8_qOkBeagKCBs
  5. Join L][Vottle Team For the Opening of Our Beta Test Thursday 17th of March 2016 at 8PM GMT+0 - High Rate PvP Server 500x Exp 500x SP - Auto Flag PvP Area - Custom Raid Boss Tower! - Classes Untouched (official Balance) - PvP Kill Rewards - 14 Day Olympiads - Donation By Coin system - Transfer your PvP Coins for Donation Coins - Free to Join Free To Play - Active Staff, in America and Europe! we have someone who can help You. The server has been built to suit every player, Donator or non donator you can enjoy Our server at 100%. Cant afford to donate? Simple earn PvP Coins by beating other players earn PvP gives you one coin! which can be exchanged at our Donation Shop for Donation Coins Make the most of your Spare time and Join a server Created by Players for The players and get a whole New experience Within the Lineage World! So Head Over to www.L2Vottle.ca and create your account. any questions Email: l2Vottle@gmail.com
  6. L2 Legend 50x HI5 is now ONLINE! http://www.L2Legend.ro New administrator team bought the source + site+name + domain name and started a new work, in order to bring a smile on L2 players' faces!!! We are glad to be toghether again! New PREMIUM ACCOUNT SYSTEM HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED: - 7 days PREMIUM ACCOUNT: 2x Drop/Spoil/FullDrop/Adena/Chance for random pickup - 30 days PREMIUM ACCOUNT: 3x Drop/Spoil/FullDrop/Adena/Chance for random pickup + 5% added to ENCHANT RATE RATES: XP 50X SP 50X ADENA 50X ITEMS 10X SPOIL 20X FISH 10X COMMON 7X QUEST REWARD 2X QUEST DROP 2X RAID 2X Safe Enchant +3, Max Enchant +16, Normal Scroll Chance 65%, Blessed 75% Maximum +6 enchant all items in Olympiad Games Maximum 3 castle ward/clan (for a better server balance); The wards return to castles before TW Attribute Stone Chance 65%, Attribute Crystal Chance 60% 100% Blessed Scrolls of Enchant (aviable with PC-Bang Points) Protection against hack programs and defense for DoS Attacks Maximum number of slots for Private Store: Dwarf 12, Other 10 The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85 Custom Goddess of Destruction Cloaks, buy them from Narek Possibility to exchange from Eleanor vote coins for donators coins Antharas, Baium, Valakas respawn time decreased to 30 hours Mini events with 4 events with multiple mods, play at any time Main events with 14 available events auto every one hour Optional events with 25 available events, start by admin Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board Augmented weapons can be droped or traded, but not if {PvP} Champions monsters are available as random on all map You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click All major raids have lower respawn time and RB drop rate of 100% The maximum levels between the attackers and the raids is 20 Olympiad - Heroes are formed every 2 weeks, on 15 and 1 at 12:00 AM GMT+2 Olympics High Five - 100% implementation with all features working Full implementation of content Epilogue - Freya - High Five Part 1-5 Siege of all elite clan halls absolutely accurate conform off Fully implemented territorial battle completely without flaws The entire chain of epic quests Epilogue + High Five All new quests Freya, High Five & All new skills Freya, High Five All data NPCs, pets, characters, items, etc correspond to the official server Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for perfect play Advanced NPC's like Mammon, Blacksmith and Maesto designed for med rates NPC's teleporters for Hellbound and all others areas including all towns Global Merchant NPC with lots of available items maximum grade S Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 4 schemes per character Global NPC for Medals, G.Medals, Votes, Events and many more functions Discover all the features in game, and remember to report any problems on forum www.L2Legend.ro See ya all there !!!
  7. MMOXE is selling WOW gold, Tibia gold, SWTOR credits, FFXIV Gil, DAOC platinum, RS gold at cheap price, fast delivery and safe site. You can visit: MMOXE.COM How to make orders? 1. You – Put the product in Shopping Cart 2. You – Provide contact,deliver information,choose payment 3. You – Confirm order,make payment 4. We – Confirm order,send confirm email within 5mins 5. We – Produce order,deliver to you Extra 10% coupon code: wingold Extra 8% off discount code: MMOXE8OFF Both valid until Dec 31, 2016. You can finish the payment through 4 payment methods:Paypal, Credit card, CashU and Ebanx Delivery method: Face to Face Trade InGame Mail Trade Auction House Trade Bank Transfer Trade
  8. I am editing the interface of a client high five, however for me to know how was I need to close and open each time the game has some command to load the customer edited files (interface.xdat) without the need to close and open each time the game?
  9. MMOXE. COM is professional selling game coins or items site. You can get safe, cheap and fast delivery products here. www.mmoxe.com/Affi-mmoxe-63827.html We have game coins, items or power leveling or CD key and so on. We have these games, such as: World of Warcraft Star Wars: The Old Republic Tibia RS2007 There is a 8% off discount for all products. Discount code: MMOXE8OFF
  10. http://l2-dragon.net http://forums.l2-dragon.net [WEBSITE] [FORUM] [FACEBOOK] [Download L2-Dragon System] Grand Opening 12 June 2015 19h GMT +2 Start Beta Server is UP ! FRESH HIGH FIVE INTERNATIONAL x55 SERVER MANAGED FROM EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS TEAM. FOR NOW WE HAVE FIXED ALOT OF H5 FEATURES AND EVERY NEW UPDATE WILL UP YOUR COMMUNITY. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY AND ENJOY L2 DRAGON ...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::... ...::::::::::: RATES SERVER :::::::::::... Rate Experience Points = 55x Rate Skill Points = 55x Rate Adena = 20x Drop Item Crafter = 20x ...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::... Safe Enchant = +4 Max Enchant Weapon = +20 Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +20 Scroll Enchant = 66% Blessed Enchant = 66% Buffs 32 , Dance/Song 12 Quest Drop = 7x ...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::... TvT Event = Letter Collector's Gift % Silver Coin Domination = Letter Collector's Gift % Silver Coin Deathmatch = Letter Collector's Gift % Silver Coin Mini Event = Bronze Coin Siege Reward = Bronze Coin for each killing enemy Player Fort Reward = Bronze Coin for each killing enemy Player Grand Boss Event (by GM) = Aghations , TOP Belts , Shirt's , Codex's , Cloak's , SA 16,17,18 Vote Reward = Special Item "Dragon Power" , Talismans , SA Crystals , Scrolls for Enchanting ...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::... Olympiad Period 15 days ( each 1st and 15th date from month ) Added Olympiad Anti - Feed system Waiting time 60 sec Olympiad Anti-Feed system Available Sieges - Retail Like Territory War - Retail Like PC Bang System with unique reward Offline Shops Offline Buffers ...::::::::::: CUSTOM ITEM :::::::::::... Bronze Coin - From farming Mobs , Events Bosses , TW , Siege Silver Coin - From Events , Event Bosses , Exchange from Bronze Coin Gold Coin - From Donate only ...::::::::::: AREAS DROP :::::::::::... - Dynamic Increase Drop , Exp , Spoil for 30 min in some zones - Dynamic PVP zones with reward - Grand Bosses Zones now is set to PVP zones - All Grand Bosses now is 85 Level with regular drop
  11. Website Link We want to introduce our project to you and we are going to explain the basic ideas behind it. L2 Adena is a summer relax server which wants to give you an easy way to obtain good gear and fun while playing. We were players that disliked servers with op donations, hidden donation list (servers for money only), lies and corruption, many custom features that are strange or not balanced at all. We want to try something new and we started to work on the server. We want to make the gameplay simple and without many other currencies like FA, CoL, Medals and other things. You can buy almost everything with adena (except Elegia and Top Weapons), even the donation shop is with adena and there is no hidden donation list. Every player can get everything that is available and the adena will have a value unlike on other servers where adena is useless. The rb spawn will be announced, Grand Bosses will have half respawn time for more pvp and we have custom balance. We are working on few things that will help to deal with the bot problem. Our ddos protection is from HyperFilter which is one of the best or even the best, we won`t have problems with ddos or lag. We hope that you give us a chance with our ideas of a server and we would be glad if you come to play here. Chronicle: High Five Part 5 Grand Opening: 30.05 19:00 GMT+2 Open Beta: 23.05 18:00 GMT+2 http://l2adena.com Experience: x50 Skill Points: x50 Drop: x15 RB Drop: x5 Grand Boss: x3 Grand Boss Jews: x1 Adena: x20 Spoil: x15 Quest Adena: x3 Quest EXP/SP: x3 Quest Drop Items: x3 Weight Limit: x10 Manor: x5 Enchants Safe Enchant:3 Max. Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll chance: 55% Blessed Scroll chance: 60% Scroll of Destruction chance: 50% - item does not lose enchant value and does not break Ancient Scroll chance: 75% - item does not lose enchant value and does not break Elemental Max. Level: 7 Elemental Stone Chance: 40% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% Basic configuration Server and Forum Time: GMT+2 Buff/Dance/Song Duratation: 2h Buff Slots: 36 Dance/Song Slots: 24 Olympiad Max. Enchant: 8 Olympiad Period: 2 Weeks TW, Siege: Every Week Geodata and Pathnodes DDOS Protection: HyperFilter Bot Protection:Lameguard, Report Function .report name, Custom Captcha System and Custom Unique Scripts that block EXP, SP, drop and spoil if you use illegal programs General Information Subclass without quest Subclass Max. Level is 85 Class Manager Offline Shops Offline Buffers Additional Clanhalls Vitality System Wedding System Champion System Community Board with many functions Votereward System Increased slots Premium Account Event Engine Mini Event Engine Custom Party vs Party Event on given times Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Dropcalculator/Database for drop Auction System Party Search System Anti-Scam System Starting Gear Shop up to Mid S84 Statistics System
  12. Hello, I just have published my first android game, I will be ultra grateful if you can DOWNLOAD and RATE it please! Download from Google Play Store: DOWNLOAD! Let me know what you think, thank you :)!
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