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  1. Which source? l2j, overworld or what exactly?
  2. I didn't understand, you need rank page only? you show different cb pages there.
  3. I have something who maybe works for you, I send a private message.
  4. lol, ok whatever you imagine mate. Idk why I had respect for someone like you, who call a lie someone for nothing. I will not do this public, I see how much you love do that, so whatever. Keep in the thread.
  5. Well first of all, I just say need more info, bcoz any person here will request it, so to improve times of all, him and people who can do it, its better have more info already... And about your question: 1* This account it's used for 3 different guys 2* In my case, I have my own source, and have customers who buy my services for more than 3 years already. 3* Imagine if I dind't develop and anything... Do u read the title and description? he buy a server, so what if someone ask for help in something? thats say can't have a server? WTF...
  6. I strongly recommend you talk with @deMEV 100% trusted and skilled guy.
  7. Well u need specify a bit more xD
  8. I didn't have the system on my own source, but I can develop it for your at your source. Check your pm
  9. Hi, I contact u at your skype. Have a great day!