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  1. Hi, let's talk about what you really need if you want. Skype: lineage2col
  2. Hi mate, mate I wanna know more about what are you looking for, add me on skype if u wanna TALK about it first. Skype: lineage2col
  3. LOOOOOOOOOL LordWinter are u here too? :D I hope I can talk with you, im one of the first customers of l2jeternity back days, we talk on ICQ :P
  4. U are with your partner? I didnt' remember his name. I work with you at the beggining when was monthly payment. And year ago I buy your source to you. Late me know when u are completely back to work with a website/forum or something please I wanna see :D
  5. Are u going to start work DragonSmile? Thats awesome