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  1. L2script didnt have any backdoor, do not listen kids who never put hands on l2scripts, just shared decopiled ones. I do busines with them over years and no problems so far. Have sources, account panel and etc. If you want a stable server, need an stable source and support. Considerer buy l2scripts + 1 monthly developer if you didn't know anything about java. Or if you want, go with mobius, its a good project, but can't be used for a live server without a big headcache and lot of bugs, maybe in 3-5 years mobius reach a decent state, but now it's just a good PROJECT.
  2. I strongly recommend badStealth, it's highly professional, I use the service of him and recommend my customers, and all my customer are satisfied 100%.
  3. But kamael is 3.0 (I notice depends on which version u base the number change) But I think the correcet way is say 3.0 for us.
  4. I didn't sell anything related to classic, I'm just curious, 3.5 you mean Kamael? or what exactly?
  5. 1° I didn't say work on his source. 2° I talk about what I KNOW, you talk about what you see at first impression, and ye he copy community board from fandc/ava/myth to speed up the bases, I didn't see it wrong. 3° I think you need spend more time working for your customers than reading and writing here at mxc, lot of people complain about your services and you didn't do anything, let other people work in peace. PS: Stop quoting me wtf, I recommend lot of guys to u, and if I do maths u own more than 300eur only with my referalls.
  6. I work with him back in 2013-15 aprox, was an skilled dev who help me with some stuff back then. And 1 year ago, I was looking for a skilled dev who can work with me to improve my times, if I do all alone, my projects will need a lot of time to be released, so I contact him to work with me for a payment, and contact some testers so we can work as team and improve the times. After 1 year and like 6 months working with him I can tell you it's your best option. Have compromise and passion for what you tell him to do, if he find a best way to do it, he will let you know and then do it in that way, isn't a lazzy guy like others. The price, at least for me it's fair for such skills, time and passion. So as freelance developer it's an excellent guy. And I test his source some times, bcoz you know we spend a lot of time together working for so long. And it's an amazing source. If are you looking for a source like L2j but with the good stuff of L2jru and own improves from feedback of his customers, then this is your place guys. You didn't believe right? bcoz too much adv here at mxc. Ok let's point some stuff so you can see by yourself if support and skills are good: 1° He re-work geoengine, so no more stupid olympiads and pathfind bugs or sync problems. 2° He do own lang-switch system who have few cool stuff who others system didn't have. 3° He test from L2OFF to see not only official values from a wiki or something, he see official behaviors. Need to know more? then don't read people here, like me, or any other... Go and put your own hands on his test server, go and ask him and you will know him and will see all this stuff by yourself.
  7. Don't buy shit without proper support guys. Buy from L2S team, I'm an old customer of them and are the best team you can have on your back when troubles comes up.
  8. Well will be better if you show some screenshot instead of every user send u screenshot of what they need