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  1. Well will be better if you show some screenshot instead of every user send u screenshot of what they need
  2. First of all, other people use my acc to didn't create their own. Second, you don't know me. Third I recommend you to few guys who buy your services, so why are you so rude here? this isn't the first time, wtf. PS: You have your customers, I have mine and 95% of them happy. And 5% are unhappy due a miss-understood or kid actitude so I refuse them to work. But when I didn't have time or request something you already did, I always recommend you so please stop with this actitude with me, I'm not just another guy from mxc who send you bad words, I never did. So again, please stop with this Kara.
  3. Can we know what you mean with "rev-engine"? Thanks
  4. Which source? l2j, overworld or what exactly?
  5. I didn't understand, you need rank page only? you show different cb pages there.
  6. I have something who maybe works for you, I send a private message.
  7. lol, ok whatever you imagine mate. Idk why I had respect for someone like you, who call a lie someone for nothing. I will not do this public, I see how much you love do that, so whatever. Keep in the thread.