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  1. Offtopic: I have my own sub stuck system on my hi5 source, if u want. Contact me. Ontopic: Nice job Zeke, skilled and trusted.
  2. I have my own and works for paypal, for what method did u need?
  3. I understand it now, and it's true. I already send this fix for few guys by private message. But after see this threats I will not share anything, keep paying for it to the owner of this topic.
  4. Hi guys, L2Seal use Active Anti-Cheat. Just let u know so u can answer the question when someone ask.
  5. Why you even say the word "scammer" if im not sellling anything. The guy on this topic sell that stuff and u call me scammer? lol Whats wrong with mxc people?
  6. Take care of normal fandc/ava/myth sources, all have critical bugs like stats bug, adena dupe etc.
  7. "Saruman can't get private messages" leave your skype or unlock your pm's
  8. Contact demev or rootware, both are good doing geodata files.
  9. I have this done on my source. Send me a pm with your skype to show you it working.
  10. On Interlude I can't help you, but on Hi5 I try send u a pm to show you my files, but your inbox it's full, send me a pm with your skype to show you the files.