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  1. I can help you on that maybe, check your pm
  2. Offtopic: I have my own sub stuck system on my hi5 source, if u want. Contact me. Ontopic: Nice job Zeke, skilled and trusted.
  3. I have my own and works for paypal, for what method did u need?
  4. I understand it now, and it's true. I already send this fix for few guys by private message. But after see this threats I will not share anything, keep paying for it to the owner of this topic.
  5. Hi guys, L2Seal use Active Anti-Cheat. Just let u know so u can answer the question when someone ask.
  6. Why you even say the word "scammer" if im not sellling anything. The guy on this topic sell that stuff and u call me scammer? lol Whats wrong with mxc people?