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  1. Don't buy shit without proper support guys. Buy from L2S team, I'm an old customer of them and are the best team you can have on your back when troubles comes up.
  2. Well will be better if you show some screenshot instead of every user send u screenshot of what they need
  3. First of all, other people use my acc to didn't create their own. Second, you don't know me. Third I recommend you to few guys who buy your services, so why are you so rude here? this isn't the first time, wtf. PS: You have your customers, I have mine and 95% of them happy. And 5% are unhappy due a miss-understood or kid actitude so I refuse them to work. But when I didn't have time or request something you already did, I always recommend you so please stop with this actitude with me, I'm not just another guy from mxc who send you bad words, I never did. So again, please stop with this Kara.
  4. Can we know what you mean with "rev-engine"? Thanks
  5. Which source? l2j, overworld or what exactly?
  6. I didn't understand, you need rank page only? you show different cb pages there.
  7. I have something who maybe works for you, I send a private message.