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  1. Yea, i don't even exist for you, ...that's why you still responding to my posts ^_^
  2. Oh not just capitalist....a dictator too...yea i was wrong about you, i agree.... "kiddo" is that an english word? You are disappointed, i'm sorry.... but this wont change the fact, that you're acting capitalistic with primary financial interest, but that's ok, i just think....your are overdoing it.... i have no problem with "moderate" capitalism... But that's just my opinion, its alright for me when others are not the same opinion like me :) Everyone...its own truth..... You are good at cursing, nice skill! Be proud of it :) Yes, i want to make money, sure....i'm such a bad pers
  3. @Snehu I understand your point,...unfortunately, its always like this...you give and others TAKE. Thats human nature, ...don't expect anything else from a species which behaves like parasites to their own living space/planet.... because this behaviour reflects on any other things in life... 0- Expectations = Realistic :) Yes, i'm happy with the freemium option, gives at least some time to learn, learning before using is important thing to me, i'm still to noob for this .D I would have no problem to share some donation income with you, but its a long way, till we are that far.
  4. Nice...ok in this case it seems like i have to give up on L2Junity Datapack...well.... This is just our world...its all about money :) Good luck with your Datapack! :) @AccessDenied I feel your inner despise against "free" things, words of an real capitalist. I'm sorry for not being like you... Which donate button, i don't use "buttons" on my page. I designed the "retro-style", the "modern-style" is not designed by me! Few bucks?....50,00€ is just few bucks for you? Wow, i wish i would be that wealthy to talk about 50€ like that. I would never deny it! You are right, but i'm still
  5. @Sdw, dont take this question as offend, but i have to make sure that you are not trolling me. The gameserver is really not booting on every 1.Month? If yes.... When it will be fixed?
  6. Give me magic powers so i can craft money out of nothing, enough for lifetime membership.
  7. Next issue.... startGameServer.bat stops at Event Engine, how to fix this? x.x
  8. Im able to enter the game now, but once i've entered, i get: Error Code = 620
  9. Yes, i have downloaded this: https://github.com/L2Miko/L2FileEdit I already edited l2.ini but it resulted in an error, so i use infinite odyssey client with original l2.ini file,...for the moment at least.
  10. @gaara Which program did you used for this? Visual Basic?
  11. Problem solved (thx to sirreck): http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/199046-lineage-2-clients-prelude-to-infinite-odyssey-us Thanks for all the advice Sdw, i really appreciate it!
  12. Very nice! And l2.ini | ServerAddr=L2authd.Lineage2.com has to be changed to ServerAddr=shilen.sytes.net L2authd.Lineage2.com? Or how do i have to edit the l2.ini for external IP Connection to the game-server?
  13. 1. Server 72 is not listed properly, 72 should be "Shilen" :/ 2. Im not able to enter Character menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-Ehcm4DC8U