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  1. they are same or he will know?
  2. i am looking for denart, i wrote him here in private also used his contact on his website but no answer, if anyone have any contact to him discord skype or something maybe share it with me pls ..
  3. Shop updating Aden costs it's self, how to stop it
  4. Hello, can I somehow stop shop to update prices it's self?
  5. I did everything what was shown into "how to" but even so it's not working 😕 I am getting paid but nothing is happening into game. If anyone have used it can help me a little bit?
  6. So mxc, I still can't connect database to website, I want to show PvP/pk on website but I am getting access denied all the freaking time, so I want to ask how much you ask to help me via anydesk, don't write me pm, write your price there. PS. I will pay after you finish everything, I am not scammer you can ask Brut (I have used his service only), so yeh write me price of your help.
  7. I want to link database to website, I saw countless topics about this but I still can't, and it's important to me. I am getting access denied every time, so if anyone personally explain or even show me how I have to make it ,I'll be glad 😕
  8. I know you guys are tired about helping ppl, but if there is anyone who can help me personally about database I'll be glad, if I have to pay for your help I am also rdy for this so please give me personal help. PS. Sry but I rly need help.
  9. Workbench of mysql right? And what it gives?
  10. I have stupid question cus idk, if code is correct navicat shouldn't make table automatically? If not and if you have time can you write me table parameters?
  11. Hello mxc, I need little help, website shows that game server is online but login server offline when both should be online, ppl can login without any problem but unfortunately website shows it offline, what can possibly make this issue? Port and everything is fine I guess cus, game server working and I just copy past gs code and changed port to login. What you think what is the problem?
  12. hi mxc, can you give me little advice how to connect web site to my database, i did not find answer there so if anyone already explained it pls give me link.
  13. sry, can be close, i just simply made new baium 😄 Close.
  14. hi, how can i delete baiums reflect? when i am touching it i am dying instantly ..