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  1. first classic was best of all, no so much pay to win.. but i think now new classic dying, since there more and more essence servers and ppl join essence
  2. ya i know, i was playing since start, now just quited since huge online drop, so pointless play solo , no idea why in 1 week online droped by 40%
  3. damn u talking about corruption at reborn but got signature video from valhala, there is more corruption then at reborn xdd dvp joined and insta 5k coins he got, boh clan same shit
  4. ya i know, but first time i see admin banning even for website
  5. damn playing necro with magnus, new meta?
  6. https://rghost.net/8VyxwdQYw put at system and instal it 2 times
  7. AchYlek

    EN Rip ovh

  8. just put skill in macro and it should be faster reus
  9. wts soulhand acc at l2kings skills +15, char is rdy for pvp, 25e
  10. maybe try azbuka ? localization can be set ruski
  11. ya but that window need be active, if you change to windows it stop boting
  12. ya , im talking about interlude / h5 , sometimes geting acc protections erros and cant open l2
  13. ya its good, but there lot of problems with connections.. ppl geting acc errors + ingame at mass pvp lags since its take mucho cpu that protection
  14. Only with premium adr u can bot, but only 1 active window