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Found 7 results

  1. Hi , i play in x120 pvp server (high five CT 2.6) And i play shillien templar lv 85 in olymp with elegia h +20 blunt weapon s84 +20 (hp drain) and sword s84 +10 (focus) ( in this server olymp oly can use +10 set armor and weapon) but skill can be use at max enchant , and my ring b.zaken, b.lilith, frintezza, valakas, baium, beleth, and Qa, and i use dyes in olymp +4wit -4 int ( can use -men on tank server rules), +3dex -3 con, +3 str -3 con, is this a good choise ? Please help me with this dyes i really need your help :D . Thankyou :D
  2. Hello and welcome to Lineage II Axel ! If you want to play the best pvp h5 server you just found us! We invested a lot of money to make it possible. We have paid pack from L2 Rapidus, updated and fully reworked! We have strong machine with ddos protection! We have paid geodata! And we have you in! I hope... You will make pvps from the first minute! You dont have to farm anything. The server have most of skills fixed and good balance. Chronicle HIGH FIVE PART 5 Rates & Enchant - Rates x5000 ( Instant pvp, no need basic farm, server is full pvp) - Start level: +85 - Normal Scrolls: 100% up to +14 - Divine Scrolls: 100% up to +16 (can be obtained by raids and pvps) - Safe enchant: +14 (Instant with 1 Scroll) - Max enchant: +16 (With Divine Scrolls) - Element: 100% rate. One stone instant lvl 7 General Features - Cancellation system (buffs back after 10 seconds and it doesnt work in olympiad) - Off shops, mana potions, certifications! - Paid Premium Geodata without errors & wallshots - Battlefield system + spree system with rewards (10 25 50 75 100 Kills) With some surprises when you reach the sprees - All kind of cloaks implements (H5, GOD, Heroic + Dominion GOD Siege Cloaks) - PvP Title Color - Maximum Sub-Class Number: 3 - Auto Create Accounts - Custom Raids (Raids Count: 4) with awesome rewards respawning random from 3 to 7 hours - Raidboss Announcement: You'll get informed when one of our raid-bosses dies or spawns so you'll get in action! - Dressme System (Including Hide/Show Cloak) - Buff Slots 40, Songs/Dances Slots 18, Trigger Slots 12 Certifications No Quest Required - Custom PvP zones - PvP items can be elemented, augmented & enchanted - Community board with stats implemented - Nexus 3.0 implemented, also we have GM Events (u wont get bored!) - Vote reward system with unique Vote Bracelet that pop's a Toggle skill you activate - All NPCs needed are implemented (full shop, gatekeeper, scheme buffer, services, party instance, raid manager) - .menu command with many usefull options Olympiad System - Olympiad Period: 1 week (Heroes every friday) - Starting Points: 18 - Max Olympiad Enchant: +8 - Enemy Informer System - Counter Time System - Olympiad Call time: 60 seconds Clan / Sieges / TW System - Clan & Ally Penalty removed - Castle Sieges every 1 week (Every saturday) + pvp reward on kill - TW every 1 week (Every sunday) + pvp reward on kill ~ Limit 3 wards per clan - TW wards reset once TW starts - A better view of announcements of Sieges / TW (starting + action + ending) on a special chat Server Hosting - Ddos protection - 24 GB Ram - SSD Disk - 1 Gbps You wont have any delay Website: www.l2axel.com Forum: www.l2axel.com/forum Server will be opened at 8 of february, dont miss it!
  3. http://www.oly2.com You should try this server. It has 100-200 active oly player. When you click "Reg 1vs1" you are inside without waiting time and almost everytime different opponent. 2vs2 3vs3 are active too. But not as much as 1vs1. You start as 76 level and you level up by winning olympiad matches. 76 to 77 5 wins 77 to 78 10 wins 78 to 79 15 wins 79 to 80 30 wins 80 to 81 20 wins 81 to 82 30 wins 82 to 83 35 wins 83 to 84 50 wins 84 to 85 50 wins ... There are 3 groups, it means you will never get level 85 opponent when you are 77 or 82 Group A: 76-79 level players get each other Group B: 80-83 level players get each other Group C: 84-85 level players get each other Armors, Weapons, Talismans etc. everything in Community Board shop. Currency is Olympiad Medal. 1 Win = 10 Olympiad Medal, if you are premium, rewards are 2x (you can be premium by voting) P.S: Talismans are 1000 MP and easy to get. You will never have talisman problem. Epic Jewels are in shop too but they are expensive. But It won't be problem for us since we all are cheaters and abusers. Attribute Stone Chance %100 Attribute Crystal Chance %70 Enchant Chance %62 Max enchant in olympiad +8 for armors/jewels and +10 for weapons. (Honestly this is the only part i did not like about this server) You can earn money by doing olympiad matches IDK yet how it works but i'll discover soon. I started playing yesterday. Ofcourse Doombringer. I am level 80 at the moment. 76-77 were too hard for me. No Rush Impact only useless Storm Assault. Now I am level 80 I have RI but still no Eye4Eye so I really suffer versus Fighter classes, specially daggers. Daggers/Mystics may probably suffer till 81 83 levels no Arcana Barrier no Enlightment no Hide no GW/WR etc. but do not afraid of that. Trust me it is different kind of experience and fun. You will like it. I need english-speaking community here. Thats why i post this. I forgot english because of russians. Do not leave me alone here. Come! "Dothrax edit: Russians are tougher than i thought. I became 3rd at Doombringer ranking with 81 win 6 defeat 410 pts. Heroes usually new characters. People are creating new characters to get heroship (coz much more player/nab Group A). They are probably doing it to get 1000 Olympiad Medals. (heroship reward) Now I am level 84 I dont think I can be hero anymore. Group C players are much more hard. Everybody got epic jewels, enchanted items etc. But i'm not planning to create new characters to get heroship. I will continue with Dothrax. By the way epic jewels are not so hard to get but it takes at least few days to get one. There are 3 quests (Olympiad Starter, Olympiad Veteran, Olympiad Undefeated) with custom reward. You can get over 1000 medals by completing this quests daily. If you are good enough to become hero you will get 1000 medals as heroship reward. So you can get a new epic every 3-5 days. If you want to get epic jewels immediately you can just DONATE :D
  4. Pvp4you H5 www.pvp4you.com Today 17:00 Gmt+0 No wipe till autumn -Only PvP -After much pvp, -And hard work with ballance -We did good pvp server -With 95% class ballance -Start lvl 85 -All items for free ( 98% ) -Weapon, armor, jewels, enchant and Gcm - free -No farm ( only CRP ) -Enchant 100%, Max +12 ( with 1 scroll ) -Attribute full with 1 crystal All zones and maintown at Hellbound -Two pvp zones : -One for new players , till 50 pvp -One for good players from 50 pvp Special mobs inside pvp zone -Npc: -Buffer with +++ , 3 hours -Server shop ( free) -Pvp and Vote shop - Killer Shop -Nobless -Clan trader -Report manager -Donate shop - Wh , augment -And more.. Custom System -Pvp rank system -Pvp reward system -Pvp color system -Vote system -Event engine -Castle -Aden, Giran, Goddard, Dion, Rune castle siege -Castle siege every 2 weeks -Olympiad -Olympiad every day -18:00-24:00 (server time ) -Max enchant +6 -Hero every saturday after oly -Voice commands - .repair - .changepassword - .menu - .help - .bind_ip - .teletocl - .castlemanager - .premium -More info -Community Board -Teleporter , pvp pk system and more .. -Antibot system -online balance system -And much more ... www.pvp4you.com
  5. New serverstart 1st March gmt+2 18:00, gmt+0 16:00 www.pvp4you.com No farm ( only for clan items , for people without clan) GM Shop full,All items free (98%). Enchant 100% max +12 Enchant with one scroll to +12 Attribute max lvl 7,Stone/Crytal 100% All buffs available Npc Buffs enchanted +30/+15, 2 hour duration 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances. GM Event every 2 days ( reward +1 on armor or weapon max +14 ) RaidBoss at PVP zone respawn 2 hours Raidboss only for CRP & Clan skills Subclass without quest. Max Subclasses: 3 Auto Learn Skills. Fully working skills. New PvP zone,New reward for PvP. New TvT reward ( good for new players ) Only one farm zone for players without clan New Custom PvP Balance ( online system ). Noblesse Npc. All debuffs 5% , ++10% Hero every saturday after oly,(With anti-feed protection) Olympiad every day 18:00 24:00 ( server time) Olympiad rank manager Individual vote reward system After voting write .reward www.pvp4you.com find vote button Working Fortress,Clan Hall and Castle siege. Augmentation full working(active,passive or chance). Top Life Stone Chance: 10% Anti DDoS. Geodata, fully working. 99.9% Uptime. www.pvp4you.com
  6. http://pvp4you.com Pvp4you H5 We are High five Pvp Server Start lvl 85 All weapon's and Armor's only 1 adena Rates Xp x9999 Sp x9999 Adena x1000 Enchant Safe +3 Max +12 Blessed rate 100% GrandBoss Baium , Valakas , Antharas ( respawn 3-5 h ) Teleport to Boss with Boss Key ( from drop and Vote ) Party recall inside Boss zone not allowed RB Jewels only from Boss Npc Buffer with +++ , 3 hours Server shop ( all for adena ) Pvp4you shop Master shop Nobless Clan trader Report manager Donate shop Wh , augment And more.. Drop Bews from Super champion Beas from small champion Giant codex from PvP and Mobs Giant codex mastery from Mobs Life stone from event Custom System Pvp rank system Pvp reward system Pvp color system Vote system Event engine Castle Aden, Giran, Goddard castle siege Castle siege every 2 weeks Special reward for castle owner Olympiad Olympiad every day 18:00-24:00 (server time ) Max enchant +6 Hero every 4 days Voice commands .repair .changepassword .menu .help .bind_ip .teletocl .castlemanager .premium More info Community Board Teleporter , pvp pk system and more .. Antibot system server website Pvp4you.com server forum Pvp4you.com/forum
  7. - Exp/SP/Adena rate: x1000 - Starting level: 85 - Max enchant: +13 - Normal Scroll: 100%, up to +12. - Blessed Scroll: 100%, up to +13. - Attribute: up to lvl 7, rate 100%. Custom engine: lvl 4 with one stone, from lvl 4 to lvl 7 normal. - Scheme Buffer: enchanted buffs +30/+15. 4 hours duration. Buff slot: 32/16. - Gm Shop: you can find all the necessary items here, everything for Adena & Gold Bar. PvP Shop included: attribute crystals, talismans, GoD cloaks, fame, etc... - Gatekeeper. - Raid Boss Manager, with the respawn/info of grand bosses. - AIO Npc: in this npc you can find augment, cancel augment, subclass manager, clan/ally manager, certifications, warehouse, noblesse, remove attribute, fame manager, etc... - You can win nice prizes winning the PvP Battles. There are rounds every 30 minutes. You can win the event making pvps only in farm zones. Only the three players with the most pvps in the round will win. - Auto Create Account - Drop protection based on damage - No Sub-class Quest - Max Sub-class: 3 - Auto Learn Skills - Auto Learn Loot - Off-Line Shop - Unstuck - 20 sec - Buff Time: 4h - Mana potions available - Olympiad Enchant Limit: +8 (new) - 1 Week Olympiad Period - Starting points: 18 - Castle Sieges: every week - Territory Wars: every week - Dressme System - Cancel and Steal Divinity return buffs (it doesn't affect olympiad) - PvP Items can be enchanted, augmented, and elemented - All cloaks have the same stats - Overbuff protection - PvP & Farm Zone - Raid Zones - PvP Reward - PvP Class Balance - Custom Community Board - Rb Beleth has 3 hours Respawn, it drops Blessed Scrolls for +13 Enchants (updated) - Solo and Party Instance in order to farm GCM and Attribute Crystals (new feature) - .bank - .gotopvp: this command ports you to a random flagged player. - .menu or .ccp: You can find here many options: vote reward, dressme, debug, language system, bad buffs options, and more ... Website: http://l2entropy.com/ Forum: http://l2entropy.com/forum/ SERVER FEATURES WILL BE UPDATED THIS WEEK, BETA START VERY SOON G. OPENING: 7/02/2014 STAY TUNED!
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