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  1. Hi, someone have one scheme buffer working on community board for mobius? Like yan buffer or fandc buffer. Ty
  2. Hi akaro, events dont work with HWID restriction, register and no enter. Someone fix?
  3. Hi. Someone know How to fix status bug for mythras/Fandc? I know the bug is something on trade but i dont know how. Ty for ALL.
  4. Hi, Mythras system, not cleaned.
  5. Hi Guys, Someone know how to fix shadow black bug ? Where i can find file of shadows in system... I change client and stay bugged. L2 Mythras system. Screenshot: https://imageupload.io/oJWRcW4fpf.i
  6. Hi, When start L2 it just gone, my server dont have any guard but mythras system. Can you help?
  7. TvT/KoreanStyle/CTF/LastHero) from L2Mythras files id bugged, player register and dont go in. Someone have a fix?
  8. Server Info BOT Allowed DDOS Attack Prevented Staff Active 24/7 (In Game, Discord & Social Media) Account Auto created in Game Rates XP & SP 50x Adena 50x Drop 30x Spoil 20x Craft 20x Enchant Safe +4 Max +20 Olympiad Enchant Autofix +6 Every 2 weeks Time 20:00 to 23:00 GMT-3 Special Raid Bosses Every 7 days Functions Character utilities > Auto CP/HP/MP > Autoloot > Block XP > Delevel > Infinite SS, BSS & Arrows High Five Quests 100% working High Five Instances 100% working Territory W
  9. Hi, yes i starting now on server dev, talking because Java just why i dont know nothing about community board. I see on community HTML but the commands bypass is taking from Java resources, or not? Just HTML thing like npc? Ty for your time.
  10. You can say me where i can find the jars on mythras to add on mine?
  11. Hi, I try to find files or code for include a good Buffer Scheme on Mobius Community Board H5. Someone can help?