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  1. I'm not into hi5 but, i guess your coded can be written like this: if (player.getInventory().getInventoryItemCount(17423, -1, false) > 0 ) abnormalTime += TimeUnit.HOURS.toMillis(2); No null check No return (its probably the issue you faced if the code stopped) Also, i'm not sure where you coded that. But. I didn't get the message part. If a player request a full buff, it will send (buffs count) messages if the item is not in player's inventory?
  2. Shouldn't 'this' feature exists for every report here, in mxc? When a new report is generating, a counter should start automatically (visible to others) and the reported person should answer before the counter ends. If not an answer, Auto-Ban.
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    We are just out of stock these days. Come again tomorrow
  4. Have you ever thought that you didn't receive any negative feedback for your server just because you don't have as much as clients that your server needs to get a right feedback? By saying that people dont like custom 10x interlude, you are actually saying "players dont like my server". So they dont even sit down and write a feedback. They just move on.... Also, you are disagree with developers with the excuse that the code does not matters while you are actually posting in a section that called Lineage II Java Server Development in a sub category -> Server Developme
  5. Not having the needed files but my mind could actually answer to you, that it should not ever return a different byte value than the players actual level. player.getlevel should be players get level. Im accepting the fact that getStat().getLevel() could return something different, but here, in our case, there isn't any other calculation in order to think that the correct value is going to be returned. As you said, its probably a temp fix
  6. I aggree after all as a temp fix until finding the problem. But if the 'leak' was real and this calc could return different value than the actual instance level, as you can see if (level == -1) { L2PcInstance local_char = restore(this.getObjectId()); It starts a restore procedure which requires > 1 database connection. All that for calling .getLevel() that is being calling by task managers maybe every +- 10 seconds and for 1 instance. That's horrific
  7. A logical return is the player's level lol. Why would you get a different value from your level value on your L2PcInstance#getLevel method ?? No excuses on that.
  8. I can't know who coded it and for real, i don't care lol.... The fact is, the person who gave me this code (as an answer) had the latest one without touching this thing and as i saw from your last changeset... was there. It maybe does not affect something but the thought to be added there, was maden for a reason after all. Something was broken and trying to catch it.... Most of times, you cant catch something with your eye if it will affect the gameplay or the player or something until you test/debug it live with bots or players. But for real, in 2k21 you have db connec
  9. L2jOrion Exercise : Answer the following questions: What was the dev's thought when wrote this code? Why is it coded like that? What's the benefit? Class: L2PcInstance @Override public final int getLevel() { int level = getStat().getLevel(); if (level == -1) { L2PcInstance local_char = restore(this.getObjectId()); if (local_char != null) { level = local_char.getLevel(); } } if (level < 0) { level = 1; } return level; }
  10. Do you want proofs? Learn programming. I dont have sources but i worked on them for really long time. (Not the outdated files) If you cant even understand the way im talking and why im saying all these things. You are a bot.
  11. Exactly. What you didn't understand? Do you have any mental health problem?
  12. Carefull... I don't have the details because i don't have the sources in my hands in order to proove you the "trash". As i said, i worked on it but not working anymore. Feel free to share your sources and lets sit together and compare your l2jorion with something else. Just before that, read a book to learn some things about what code is and what coding quality is. Then come again we can start ... Also, (and this is my last post.) If i'll pick a l2jscoria without even touch the sources, set up my server with 5 custom weapons and 2 farm zones. My players will p
  13. I gave you the answer in my post. A detailed answer, requires programming knowledge that you don't have and you will not understand. What's the point of collecting the informations that at the end, you will not understand at all...
  14. @L2RAPTOR I will not analyze the programming pov because as i can see, you are not working on that... But, your words goes me back 50 years, where people were happy with the pigeons that send messages to each other. If you could ask someone of them, they would tell you that we are happy to communicate and the way does not matter. Guess what, the way does matters ... Just as how it was done and is being done with medicine and science ... We/they move forward and building better structures every damn day even if we/they are happy with most of them, just because th
  15. You don't have to code anything inside the zone's method since the feature is about the player instance. You could make a manager to handle all these actions but this is just another case. Lets begin about the basics. The zone, should only call a method in the player instance without any check for dead/alive since this call will be executed inside of Zone#onDieInside. So, @Override protected void onDieInside(final L2Character character) { + final L2PcInstance player = character.getActingPlayer(); + if (player == null) + return; + + if (!Config.revive) + retu
  16. You are not probably looking at the right table. The thing that the code is using a specific table, doesn't mean you have to look only there. And again, does your sql query contains any 'join' word or does it run another instance of "select from where" as a parameter to run a query?
  17. Do you use any "join" sql query ?? It seems like you have external data in your test database while at your main database you missing them.
  18. My opinion, undoubtedly acis. Just because russian coding style is not my style. Both of them, have different purposes. Lucera is not trying to achieve an l2off performance while for acis, retailness is the primary target. Its clearly about what you are looking for.
  19. Your ex was probably right. You were not carried any 'quest item' for her. Thats why she is 'ex' ... 😕 sad ... I'm sorry... @onTopic In theory, by getting the Q item at your inventory you can teleport at the boss. In code theory now, the check is not only the quest item but the whole quest. Each one, have states. So with a quick glance: public void showQuestWindow(final L2PcInstance player, String questId) { String content = null; Quest q = null; if (!Config.ALT_DEV_NO_QUESTS) q = QuestManager.getInstance().getQuest(questId); // Get the
  20. Create a local svn . It will help you to see your changes and export your diff files instead of adding + at every line. @onCode Your config should looks like TvTRestrictedClasses=1,2,3,4,5 CtFRestrictedClasses=10,20,30,40,50 DMRestrictedClasses=20,30,40,50 Lets parse it... Since we have in common the "RestrictedClasses" ... Arrays.asList("CTF", "TvT", "DM").forEach(ev -> { try { EVENT_RESTRICTED_CLASSES.put(Class.forName("com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.model.entity.event." + ev), Stream.of(MyEventSettings.getProperty(ev + "RestrictedClasses").