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  1. Well, it somewhat does matter, since more work is involved into initial project, less work you, as server admin/ server developer, will have to do. But yes, in the very big lines, even basic L2J IL is "fine" to use and can handle hundreds of people, if you fix the 5-6 default exploits. Simply don't do a x1 "retail behavior" with it, or you will have around 200+ pages of bug reports in few weeks.
  2. Nope, "1" or "0" is the default value for most, if not all stats. That level stuff with restore posted by melron isn't part of regular L2JIL, nor even any L2J branch - until I missed something. @L2RAPTOR not sure why you compare L2OFF and L2J - they are completely different. While L2J forks try to imitate L2OFF, they are still far from L2OFF. And L2OFF is, also, far from retail (C5-IL content was mostly "guessed", as L2J "guessed" content aswell). So basically, IL is "not achievable", since we rely on flawed L2OFF. See, after 10y of developping, 20+ devs, 400+ customers
  3. lethal1 and lethal2 are 2 effects of lethal system. Those values (5 and 1) are % of being triggered, nothing more. To edit mechanisms themselves, edit Formulas.java (method should begin by "calcLethal"). Both work differently for Players and Npcs. Check for "lethal strike" here : https://l2industry.com/Home/C5
  4. One dude on aCis forums needed transformations, and so moved aCis to Hellbound. You can eventually work with him to implement all packets. You can also downgrade actual latest H5 to HB.
  5. Changeset 398 (2308) is up !


    Admin commands - part II, Petition, TradeList, TargetHandler, Community Manager, Olympiads, Formulas, Bugfixes, Organization

  6. It's up to selling platforms (MxC and others) to forbid such seller and protect original content creators. I already made my reminder on one topic, not sure why you @quote me. If you manage to see more users doing it, simply report them. I even set my reasons, so you can easily quote me. I got better things to do than to stick on all existing marketplaces seeing if aCis is sold or not. And Pigasos behavior is simply what marketplace used to know. Do you really think than a custom aCis pack is worth 200€, giving the fact than the base itself is free, and customs are free
  7. Most of customs are already shared, and the pack is free. Meaning they sell "wind", since they won't even "maintain" their offers (aka, provide fixes for either their customs or the initial pack). As I said to Trance, marketplace should stop to offer such spot for 2008 year behavior. Because yes, putting some dirty ninja-ed customs from some dark russian forums, adding your own HTMs (sometimes, not even yours) and putting it on any random base doesn't make it a "pack". My point isn't an ego point, it is a project leader point - a point than you can't understand, since y
  8. Since sellers will never maintain the pack, I think that they shouldn't. Their sell is bound to aCis name, meaning if there is a backdoor, a shitty custom or an issue, they will come to me, not to the seller. That's the video I was referencing on my post :). Like if Zoey76 did all... :D
  9. Lol, you would figure out what I have to reparse, you would reformulate immediately... Spawnlist, zones, skills, items, npc templates have to be reparsed and got their own issue tab on my gitlab... Without counting what I already did since few years. You got it all wrong, but that's np, you're a "car driver". From the moment wheels and engine are working, everything is good. All in one, it changes nothing to the concept - my point isn't to insult (or "forget") old retired L2J developers, who did what they could. At that time, there was no special leader, there was no sp
  10. Believe me, I doubt L2JFrozen would survive a lot - Shyla/Nefer were doing hotfixes. You don't make a pack out of hotfixes. They had no special vision about what needed to be done. Remember than L2JFrozen isn't based on L2JIL, but on Scoria. Which means people already worked before them, and before them, it was probably some other russian dudes... Until L2J IL. L2JFrozen is only "good" because of the Scoria part... If they would begin on the same level than me, believe me, that would be another story. And if I can tell you that, it's because I was checking t
  11. I'm not sure how you calculate things, anyway, I can tell you than it's not a matter about how much was previously done - if everything done is wrong, then, everything has to be redone from zero. I can give you few exemples, such as skill effect system. It's as old as L2J, and it's the wrongest thing ever, leading to numerous issues. It's not even yet fixed on latest. Spawnlist is another wrong system (should be territory based). Knownlist is another (was scaling so bad than it could easily consume 2g RAM of your server with 3500 NPCs seeing each other). I can name few dozen and do
  12. Actually, I think L2J is at this bad shape only because of Zoey76. And Zoey76 isn't the one who coded initial L2J, just for your concern. He got nothing to do with L2J IL (if he was simply here at this time). There was a nice video made on L2JForum, back in time, with all contributors names - and I assure you than Zoey76 isn't the biggest one, in the concerned period of L2JIL, which is mine. ---- Locking a source don't avoid the leak, and it's not my point to lock things. And as says xdem, even if I could simply make few servers and fix things by
  13. Because you stucked at rev 190 - it's way higher than 5%. L2J IL don't even have IL skills, partymatching isn't implemented, cb aswell, scripts are in jython and rates aren't checked (when quests aren't simply exploitable), there are at least 6 fat exploits which can easy ruin your server... I got 600+ archived bug reports, that's without counting my own reworks which generally fix many things... I reworked countless things, I can speak about it and make a list but that would be long and annoying, if you don't want to see it that's fine, but you are at worst
  14. I asked both to Zoey76 to maintain IL branch directly on L2J, and to L2JFrozen to merge with me - and both refused. Zoey76 refused because he was "supporting" L2JFrozen instead of my pack, back in time. I don't remember why Shyla/Nefer refused, most probably because of divergence about what needed to be done : Shyla considered than hotfixes are a way to fix, while me, instead, I'm the sort of people who uses dynamite to rebuild on a clean ground. I didn't understand you question, @Kara.
  15. I already reported the following topic to moderators using the "Report" button, which breaks my own ToA. For an unknown reason, it was dropped then rehabilited. The ToA is public, and spread over my own Discord channel, forums, MxC subforums - so there is nothing like hidden content and no possibility of an error. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/238926-l2jacis-custom-pvp-server-ready-for-open/?tab=comments#comment-2768642 I request the drop of that topic. PS : I got nothing towards the author, all people have to follow the same rules. The main reas
  16. It's not to deMEV to reduce prices, it's to concurrents to exist. If someone thinks deMEV does a lot of money, he can open the geoeditor and work. That will generate battle price, happier customers, and (normally) a raise in quality. Windows for a very very long time had their shitty Internet Explorer with no concurrents, when there was finally concurrents they lost the market for solutions which were updated, more secured, and faster. If you think there is somewhere to make money, you're up to open a market yourself. It's not the fault to deMEV
  17. I invite you to read aCis Terms of Agreement - I reported the topic. Ty for your interest.
  18. You can use stream for getUncategorizedUniversalDropItemsIds / monstersWithDropId for oneliners. monstersWithDropId should be properly named, and shouldn't create an empty List (but return Collections.emptyList() instead). IXmlReader use would cut your parser class by alot. equals can be replaced by == for enum comparison. Added to that, you can use NpcTemplate#isType for easy instance comparison (if you don't mind the enum.toString()). getUncategorizedUniversalDropById use should be null checked. You can/should use {} wildcard
  19. It's perfectly fine and I don't know why it's not the default behavior since always. My only downside would be about "public negociation", which will easily pollute the topic with things than none cares about. When I go on a topic, that's not to see if I can trade "my chicken to some peas and some pounds of butter". I believe "negociations" should stay in private circle - moreover it's really easy to bypass such rule by PMing the dude directly. But default price should definitively be shown for everyone (I personally even think, being part of the title).
  20. You have to generate a script with onKill event similar to GrandBosses, or a Manager which will basically be a RaidBossManager clone, because what you request is simply not existing - until I miss something and IL+ chronicles edited the system, it's normally only used for random teleport and alike NPCs, such as Master Toma, Mammons, etc. Also, using RaidBossManager by itself wouldn't be enough aswell, since it doesn't handle random locations. So all in one, you have to code it.
  21. Well, it's always better to say it even if for you it's "obvious", because for many people - notably the ones you try to pick - it's not. I don't say it doesn't work - even a Ponzi scam such as bitconnect made real money to some of people - but for any pump, you will have actual pumpers which gonna be negative. It's really, simple maths and it's basically more "gambling" than "trading". That's cool you ma(k/d)e money that way, that basically means you click faster on "sell" than either greedy/lagging pumper. But you should also warn than it's risky and you can become ne
  22. As a sidenote, you have to know some people have to "pay" the pump. It's not magical. If someone makes money, some other loses. And tbh, it's the Discord channel owner which makes the most of it (and his friends, since he gives the coin, he can easily exploit it and fill his own bags), not the regular users. I recommend any people interested by that method to "simulate" before even trying it. That will avoid you to stuck with some pumped shitcoins, due to either your own greediness or your faulty internet, since it's enough to stick 1 min too late to lose mo
  23. EventInterface.onHit(EventInterface.java:153)
  24. I'm not a big client editor, but probably questname-e from your client system folder. Which is sure is, it's related to client and only to client.