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  1. sure, you can pm next time someone from the staff, gl! :)
  2. moved to live, gl with the server!
  3. why everyone dont respect their money?? you prefer to give your money to someone with 0 posts, new account or whatever ignoring that is a scam attempt or even asking someone if he is trusted or capable to help or scam you and then you open a topic about scamming etc you can prevent it with multiple ways but you prefer to lose money and after blame the staffers
  4. moved to live, gl with the server!
  5. 2 more 'features' that maybe interests you note that riot doesnt care for anybody, nobody is getting banned yet
  6. πρεπει να βγαλει ενα τραγουδακι για το φορουμ, να μην ξεχασει τις βασεις του 10+ χρονια πριν
  7. να πατε για καφε ρε αγγελικουλες
  8. During league of legend summer split regional leagues you will be able to get drops. you have to log in with your lol account into lolesports, watch live games and be able to earn some drops! when you receive a drop you will be notified, or you can check drop tab. Collect rewards like skin shards, chromas, prestige points, and Clash tickets. lec/lcs will begin to reward drop after 3rd week and maybe additional leagues will have drops enabled. you can find full info here
  9. League of legends regional leagues summer splits will begin this week, you can find full info at lol esports . credits lolesports