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  1. L2Server console receives following error: [CBuilderCommand::ValidateBuilder] Not authorized user have builder rights[1]
  2. Thanks, I put in the skill s_lucky. Changing the skill weight itself didn't work How change the number of slots in inventory ?
  3. Hi, How to change weitgh penality the inventory ? I thought about changing the itemdata, but there are too many items to change manually
  4. Hola, estoy buscando cómo crear extensiones. Crea una poción automática ...
  5. I am creating a panel for creating accounts via website. The problem is that you are unable to encrypt the password to save the password in the account table. Which command to save the encrypted password in the bank? $pass1 = base64_encode(pack('H*', sha1(trim($password)))); $pass2 = base64_encode(hash('whirlpool', trim($password), true)); is not work.