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  1. BETA OPEN JOIN US ! https://www.facebook.com/l2apocalyps http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum Rates: Exp/Sp - x15 Adena: x10 Drop/Spoil - x10 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Quest Drop: (x1 - > x5) Normal Enchant Chance: 60% Blessed Enchant Chance: 66% Attribute Stone Chance: 40% Attribute Crystal Chance: 30% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 I
  2. We are glad to introduce you our new project. Our team mainly consists of postpacific developers. It's high time toon L2Realm! [ Create Account ] | [ Download Game ] | [ Promotion actions ] Detailed description of the server you can see below ... We have studied many aspects of modern free projects. And revealed a lot of specific things for the development and protection. We have established a minimum budget for the project 14,000 euro, which is not the limit of our capabilities. We tied some teams to work together and share experien
  4. Features HTTPS://FURIA.L2AGE.COM Interlude Furia 35x 4.000+ Players expected! 20+ Clans confirmed presence! Opening date: November 10, 2017 / 18:00 GMT-2 (no summer time) Server main language (Chat): English Protections: Smartguard Anti-bot + custom system + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection Class Balance: Retail / Original L2Server official PTS Maximum number of game windows (boxes): 4 + (Offline Trade Shops Unlimited) Server Rates: EXP, SP 35x Adena 10x Party Exp: Original (from 28 to 80%) Party GAP: 20 (Maximum
  5. Server Features: Server Rates EXP and SP: x75 Drop/Spoil: x75 Quest Drop: x4 Adena: x30 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +12 Normal Enchant Chance: 55% Blessed Enchant Chance: 65% Attribute Stone Chance: 60% Attribute Crystal Chance: 50% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Game Play Olympad max Enchant +6 No Sub Class Quest Sub Class max Level 85 Class Master Auto Learn Skill Auto Learn Loot Vitality System Champions System (9% Chance) Wedding Syst
  6. Grand Opening - 27-10-2017 We are pleased to introduce our new L2Age High Five Luna 20x server. Temos prazer em apresentar nosso novo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Estamos encantados de presentar nuestro nuevo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Мы рады представить наш новый L2Age High Five Luna 20x сервер. Server Info: English: https://luna.l2age.com/en/server-info Português BR: https://luna.l2age.com/pt/server-info Español: https://luna.l2age.com/es/server-info Russ: https://luna.l2age.com/ru/server-info Englis
  7. We are glad to announce new Amazing x20 Mid Rate H5 Server with no customs. We guarantee BEST FILES around, BEST BOT PROTECTION (SGuard), A LOT OF PEOPLE ON and POWERFUL MACHINE! Join Us and let the entertainment begin! Useful Links Website: http://l2hype.com/ Forum: http://l2hype.com/forum Features Exp/Sp x20 Adena x20 Drop x15 Spoil x15 Quest Rate 1-3x Drop 1x Reward RB Drop x5 Safe enchant +4, Max enchant +12 Olympiad max enchant +6 Element stone 40% Element crystals 30% 24 buff slots (+4 Divine Inspiration) 12 dances
  8. Icarus : L2 Mid Rate Private Server www.l2icarus.eu Download patch Old school classic Gracia Epilogue server with increased rates, class transfer and buffer NPC on every town. It took us more than 6 months to develop this great server. Server files are based on l2j sources and are 100% stable. Server starting date: 19 - 08 - 2017 Server starting time: 20:00 GMT +2! Main Information -Server Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue (CT2.4) -Exp: x30 -Sp: x30 -Drops: x10 -Spoil: x10 -Adena drop rate: x100 -Epic Jewels: x1 Other -Truly Free (zero donates) -Security protect
  9. Since someone has shared parts of code that are in mine pack, i will no more sell it.
  10. www.l2hog.com Grand Opening: 17th of June 2017 Hour: 15:00 GMT-3 Informations - Lineage 2 . Launch date: May 27 2017 Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 150x / Sp: 150x / Adena: 200x Auto loot (except raid drops) Olimpiadas: 15 days Siege: 14 days Server Economy Equis [C] sold for adena Equips [A] sold for custom crafts Raid bosses special drops Buffs AIOx System NPC buffer Buff slots: 20 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 1 hour Buff shop system (/buffshop) Enchants Safe: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +18 Max Armor Enchant: +18 Max Jewels Enchant: +18
  11. EzLandia x15 Interlude Server FEATURES Exp, SP, Adena x15 Drop, Spoil, Raids x10 Quest Exp, SP, Adena x5 Quest Drop x3 GM Shop with max B Grade and Mammon Global Gatekeeper with retail teleports NPC Buffer Buffs duration 2 hours Buff Slots 32+4 Overbuff protection Divine Inspiration autolearn Autoloot Auto learn sklls Free Class Change Free Subclass ENCHANTS Safe +3/4 Max +16 Normal 66% Blessed 75% ARMORS Modified original armors with better stats More info JEWELS Modified original Raid jewels with better stats More info TATTOO Stats in
  12. Beta Openning: 4 November - Grand Openning: 18.11.2016 Check forum for EVENTS!! Hello MXC members and guests. Version: Interlude - l2java Opening: November 2016 (could be edited during beta) Exp: x15 Sp: x15 Partyexp: x1.5 Partysp: x1.5 Adena: x15 SealStone: x5 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Manor 1x Quest drop x8 Quest Reward (adena / exp / sp): x8 RaidBoss Exp / Sp: x5 RaidBoss Drop: x3 EpicBoss: x3 RB work for mage/titans(retail like) NPC GM Shop - N grade to B grade - (A/S grade is craftable) - Mats / Recipes shop NPC Buffer + VIP Buffer Scheme buffer
  13. -== Introduction ==- Lineage 2 Secluded is brought to you by an new and experienced crew of gamers. We offer you the guarantee of a serious server. We don't give powered items in exchange for donations. We don't have any corruption, because we love what we do. We have A good DDoS Protections from company for more stability. Most of the information are hidden and unique and you are going to discover them once you are going to login on the server. Also more features are going to be imported with your help to make our server your dream server Just Give us a try, you won't regret!
  14. CHECK OUR WEBSITE / JOIN OUR OMMUNITY Experience (XP) x20 Skill Points (SP) x20 Adena x20 Drop x15 Spoil x15 Rate Extract Fish: x8 Quest Drop x7 Quest Reward x5 Manor x2 RaidBoss Drop x3 Epic Jewel x1 Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00 Safe Enchant: 4 Maximum Enchant: 12 Normal Enchant Scroll: 50% Blessed Enchant Scroll: 60% Element Stone: 65% Eelement Crystal: 60% Olympiad +6, 60 Matches per week, Heroes Every 1 and 15 in month. Weekly TW every Saturday Weekly Sieges every Sunday Reduced Epics Respawn time Max Clien
  15. *GRAND START* ★ December 1St. 18:00 GMT+1!★ *La2Hardcore* ★ Journey Of Chaos ★ Website's Link: http://la2hardcore.com/ Forum & Community Link: http://la2hardcore.com/forum/ Facebook page Link: https://www.facebook.com/La2Hardcore/ ❖ MAIN FEATURES MAXIMUM FUNCTIONALITY C6 INTERLUDE CLIENT NO CUSTOM ITEMS SHOP UP TO S-GRADE ANOTHER PVP DIMENSION, LONG-TERM PVP/ MID RATE SERVER ACHIVEMENTS, MUSEUM AND VOTING ARE IN COMMUNITY BOARD ALT+B GREAT EVENTS MAIN TOWN OF GIRAN PR
  16. Platform: High Five Chronicle Server, and Forum Time : CET+1 Website: http://l2krays.sytes.net Forum: http://l2krays.foroactivo.com Email: l2krays@outlook.com Start: 25.07.2016 16:00 CET+1 Donation is voluntary, for the purpose of helping to maintain the server. Hardware Intel i7-4790K 4790K 4,0 GHz 16 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz 2 TB SOFT 100Mbps bandwidth Anti DDos Protection Rates: Experience (EXP): 25x Skill Points (SP): 25x Adena: 15x Drop Items: 7x Spoil: 7x Boss Drop Items: 2x Grand Boss Drop Items: 1x Weight Limit: 10x Quest drop items: 4x General information: Safe
  17. Due to several bugs we have bought new version of server and everything is fine now. There will be beta going since tomorrow and head start is Jul 29 2016. RATES Rate Experience Points = 30x Rate Skill Points = 30x Rate Adena = 30x Rate Drop Items = 20x Rate Spoil Items = 30x Raid Boss Items Drop = 10x Grand Boss Drop Jewels = 1x Quest Experience = 10x Quest Skill Points = 10x Quest Adena = 5x Quest Item Drop = 5x Manor = 5x Champion Mobs Multiplier = 5x ENCHANT Safe Enchant = +3 Safe Enchant Full Body = +4 Max Enchant = +16 Olympiad Max Enchant = +6 Normal
  18. Live 23.07.2016 18:00 GMT + 2 l2Terios Server Features Experience = 70x Skill Point = 70x Herb System = 1x Adena Rates = 35x [Drop rate 90%] Drop Items = 25x Seal Stones = 10x Party Experience = 1.3x Spoil Rates = 35x Manor Rates = 1x Grandboss Drop = 1x Raidboss Drop = 5x Quest Reward - 10x(Not all) Quest Drop - 10x(Not all) Zero Hour reward - 5x Start Game NO CUSTOM ITEMS Start items: Weapon, Armor,Jevels,shots Special Adena chest for newble [double click] Auto Item Pickup - Enabled Auto Item Herbs - Disabled Auto Item Book's - Disabled Auto-learning skills - Enabled Weight Limit - Inc
  19. L2Risen going live on 27 of May ! Grand Opening : 27.05.2016 18:00 (GMT+2) Beta : 24.05.2016 16:00 (GMT+2) http://www.l2risen.com http://www.l2risen.com/forum https://www.facebook.com/L2Risen L2RISEN RATES Experience (EXP) : 20x Skill Points (SP) : 20x Adena : 15x Drop Items : 12x (Recs-Keys 1x) Quest Experience (EXP) : 3x Quest Skill Points (SP) : 3x Quest Adena : 3x Quest Drop Items : 4x Spoil : 12x Weight Limit : 5x Manor : 2x Extract Fish : 4x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 16 Normal Scroll chance : 50% Blessed Scroll chance : 55%
  20. Starting 2 May 2016. RATES Experience (EXP) 15x Skill Points (SP) 15x Adena 15x Drop for Spoil 10x General Drop 14x RaidBoss Drop 4x Manor 4x Quest Drop 2x Quest Reward 4x Fishing Drop 10x Vitality System 25x Clan Reputation Point 2x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +4 Max. Enchant +16 Normal Scroll chance 60% Blessed Scroll chance 65% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 50% Elemental Crystal chance 40% CONFIGURATION Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances,Songs Duration 2 hours Buff Slots 28+4+12 Max. Clients per PC 3 Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 Geodata and Pathnod
  21. Full about of the server Ministry x100 The official opening of Lineage 2 Interlude no custom server is set on April 16, 16:00 (GMT -3) Time zone for countries Open Server: (Greece) Saturday, April 16, 2016, 22:00 (Venezuela) Saturday, April 16, 2016, 14:30 (Russia) Saturday, April 16, 2016, 22:00 (Brazil - Argentina) Saturday, April 16, 2016, 16:00:00 Hello, welcome to our L2Ministry. A server with the face of the old school Players! Clans In order to raise interest in the game and Fan, so there was a globally dominant clans We decided to propose the following changes: Disabled "Roy
  22. = OPENING 20 February 2016 20:00 = After hard work we present you a promising H5 mid rate server with unique features. We are here to provide a quality stable project. Welcome to our relax mid rate server. Enjoy your stay! Experience : x50 Skill Points: x50 Adena: x20 Drop: x20 (Recs-Keys 1x) Spoil: x20 RaidBossDrop:x3 Quest Drop: x1-x3 Quest Reward: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 12 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Element Stone Rate: 40% Element Crystal Rate: 30% Mana pots Full buffer GMshop up to S grade Class manager Free subclass Autolearn skill
  23. Lineage II Neda ® -= Rates =- Exp: x15 Sp: x15 Drop Rate: x7 Adena Drop Rate: x70% ADENA : x10 SEALSTONE : x5 Spoil: x10 Quest drop x2 Quest reward x2 RB drop: chance x5; quantity x1 // Epic Boss x1 -= Features =- Interlude Server 2h Buffs Spawn Protection - 15 seconds Login Protection -15 seconds Geodata and Pathnode Cursed Weapons Auto Learn Skills Raid boss spawn Retail Olympiad 2 WEEKS Subclass without quest Noblesse full quest or Donatable -= Enchant =- Enchant Rate Retail Maximum: +16 Safe: +3 1 Piece armor + 4 2 Piece's +3 -= NPC's =- GM Shop (UP TO B GRADE)
  24. FEATURES FILES INFORMATION: GPlay is romanian platform created for games. We already provide: DotA, Warcraft 3 - classic and custom maps, Counter-Strike, Diablo II LOD, Starcraft, Natural Selection 2 and right now we are coming with a new Lineage 2 Interlude Server, using a Official Platform. About the new Lineage 2 Server, we're using the best OFFICIAL extender from the market, with our own scripts, largely developed in-house. Everything works like it should, retail-like. Because we chose the midway, we'll make some adjustments, to improve the gameplay and create a nicely and friendly a