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  1. I tottaly aggre with Mobius ! gj Mob keep it up! haters gonna hate !
  2. WTS Adena on GameCoast.net Off x7 Helios! Got 15 Bill Right now , 6 Euros per bill! Send me pm here or add me on skype : DrachaVonDrachen **Pay Via Paypal Only
  3. I have for sale the following items : QA Ring - 20 Euros Octavis Nec - 10 Euro Octavis Earring - 10 Euro Abudance Slaughterer Talisman - 10 Euros Abudance Lv1 Talisman - 60 Euro [sOLD] 7s Talisman - 60 Euro [sOLD] PvP Retributer +10 +acumen +300 - 90 Euro [sOLD Blessed robe set +8 3x120 (tunic pvp) - 70 Euro [sOLD] Payment only via Paypal...
  4. Want to Sell my Feoh Soultaker on 4Game Core EU Retail Server! Main class 100 Lv Dark Elf Race Feoh Soultaker ALL skills +10 Eternal Robe Set Attributes +4+5 Shiny Shirt +7 (many stats +2 active skills) Tezza Nec +5 Istina NEclace Wizard +4 Zaken Earring Top Grade CoC Earring Stun +5 2 Eternal Rings R99 Top Grade Belt +3 PvP Skill Attack +4 Specter Retributer 300 element + SA Briliant Brooch Head Accessory P Def Augments for oly : refresh cd / reflect / heal / enemy pvp weakness dual class wynn 99 lvl same gear items Also in same account Tyrr Titan 99 Lv With the most usefull skills +10
  5. Hello, i want to sell my account on gamecoast.net x7 helios off low rate server.. Character Race : Human Class Main : Tyrr Duelist Level Main : 100 Dual Class : Yul Ghost Sentinel Level Dual : 100 First Sub Class : Sagitarius Level 1st Sub : 80 Second Sub Class : Titan Level 2nd Sub : 80 Gear Armor : Eternal Heavy Set (Cowboy Appearance) Weapons : Amaranthine Dualswords +6 Body Soul Crystal 25% HP 300 Element Jewels : Octavis Earing +4 / Top Grade Resistance Earring - Stun +4 / Octavis Neclace +4 / Queen Ant Ring +4 Shirt : Eva's Shirt +7 (Many Stats ++ and Active Skill who Restore HP/CP/
  6. Server is Really good and playable w/o any critical bugs.. Admin make daily updates / fixes and server growing 800 - + players daily online ! You can join and test the server guys is really worth to spend your time there and keep in mind SERVER WONT CLOSE AFTER 2-3 MONTHS! Have a nice day!
  7. Cant buy cause im from greece and all purchases belong to other countries are closed.. Cant use my Visa
  8. Hello MxC.. LF Adrenaline work on NCsoft retail servers , Thanks in Advance!
  9. All was Awesome Before Update to IO , but good job haven't wiped on last 4 years that means alot.. I Know million servers who wipe on 1 week or month and ofc they fail .. Anyway good work but i am not gonna play anymore cause of IO update
  10. Lineage2Media its IO now check it if you want but for me dont really worth ..