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Found 1 result

  1. High Rate INFINITE ODYSSEY Goddess of Destruction PVP Server THE ONLY SERVER WITH REAL Goddess of Destruction game mechanics, full GOD formulas, developed by us through many years , since 2012 that we turned GOD, our developers are retail heroes, wich play and implement game mechanics. THIS IS NOT high five based server with GOD client compatibility, like all other god servers. We started GOD development in 2012, and now we have our own fully developed code, not based on anything else around, like all other servers. WE NEVER WIPE, we DO not have pay2win items, nor any advantage for donators at all. We have only 1 GM that is our gm for 6 years, no corruption, no drama. No Custom enchant limits or any other limits, no custom class balanceing, all classes have their own purposes and work as on retail. the server was upgraded to infinite odyssey, and of course NO WIPE ever as we promised!!!! The only private server with NO WIPE EVER , no corruption like all other servers, that have 100 kid GMs, and sooner or later they wipe cuz some cheating or other bullshit is going on. We have 30 year+, we do not need donations, we have good jobs, we can keep up the servers for decades without any donations. Donations are used for adds mainly. -> level 106+ , new skills, new skill enchants, new farm zones! -> FULL GOD INFINITE ODYSSEY off-like game mechanics - Mesmerizing System - Ability System and Hidden Skills activated by them added - GOD Off-Like Stats bonuses for str/dex/int/con/wit/int/luc/cha - New Physical and Magical accuracy / evasion relation formulas working according to off like GOD mechanics - All Skills working and updated to GOD INFINITE ODYSSEY : spallation, gravity barrier, heavy punch and more - Debuff land rate dependency on wit, accoriding to GOD game mechanics -> No wipe ever -> Alchemy, Compound working - No Customs - Raid Armors from Shadow of light update added: Tauti armor, Freya armor, Kelbim armor -> all instances, epics working tauti, lindvior, istina, etc -> the only god ertheia server with retail god game mechanics -> all new characters start with epic jewels and r grade enchanted items -> new shadow weapons (off like ) added -> LUC mechanics working off like You'll be able to dodge lethal blows when LUC is activated. Basically, you have a chance to evade killing blows of any damage inflicted in PvP/PvE. Not related to "Lethal Blow" type attacks. -> Elemental bonuses for elements, completly GOD off like -> Added Revelation skill mechanic with hidden skill. - All New Skills working, and updated to GOD INFINITE ODYSSEY chapter - Dual class system, nobless ability system all working GOD Ertheia Like This is the only Private Server with GOD Ertheia game mechanics. What are you waiting for? quit wasteing your time and Start Playing on the ONLY Private Server worth playing: ! new content added from korean update and lots of fixes IO Skills test: