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  1. Skype : alexmanakos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres Discord : ! MrPro#5193 Terms of Service: I am not held responsible for any Paypal charge-back or account recall. If your PayPal accounts hasn't got the option "Send money to family & friends" (gift), you will pay 7€ Payment must be performed by one or both traders by half parts before the service start. Payment for my service is non-refundable even if no trade had occur (e.g i advise my client to call off the deal when I suspect the other party is a possible scammer. By using me as you
  2. Contact Info: FROM NOW ON ALL THE UPDATES WILL BE DONE IN THIS SITE , WHICH MEANS BEFORE YOU ORDER SOMETHING PLEASE CHECK HERE : https://www.vfmzone.com/ - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres - VK : https://vk.com/alexmanmrpro - Discord: ! MrPro#5193 - Skype: alexmanakos Lineage 2 Advertise Guider and more, Social Media Booster, From Paysafe Card to PayPal within 1 minute and 20% fee >> CLICK ME << Contact Info: - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres - VK : https:
  3. Hello, i`m offering Discord private message advertise in Lineage 2 channels. It`s most effective advertise method at this moment. If you want to send mass private messages with your advertise text contact me. Skype: relaxtive Discord: Topinis#3878
  4. WTS In Stock: +6 MAJ Light MW - 75€ +6 DC Robe MW - 75€ +7 AM ACUMEN MW - 100€ _____________________________ +6 Core - 20€ +3 Core - 15€ +6 Orfen - 20€ Orfen Piece x3 - 14€ +5 Zaken's - 50€ Zaken Piece x3 - 39€ +6 AQ - 35€ All S Grade Sets +6 MW - 100€/Each Dark Crystal Robe Set (+8; +6; +6; +6) - 75€ Tallum Robe Set MW (+6; +6; +6; +3; +3 ) - 20€ +9 AM MW (pvp) - 300€ +16 Sirra blade MW - 150€ +10 Tallum Glaive MW - 50€ +10 Behemoth MW - 50 € +12 FB Focus MW - 100€ +5 Valakas - 450€ +5 Baium - 200€
  5. Welcome to MyGamingLounge ! Exclude: Green Trust factor Random ranked Prime account - $18.99 As an introductory offer, we are giving away fresh CS:GO Prime accounts at an amazingly low price of $14.99 $10.99 only!! **Offer valid without the use of any coupon! **Account prices have been updated. Price of some accounts might vary compared to the one shown below! Kindly check the site for updated prices! MyGamingLounge aims to provide you the clean, affordable an
  6. Unverified Fresh MMR Level 30+ Botted Accounts • Starting from €2.99 • EUW/NA/EUNE/RU/TR/OCE/LAN/LAS/BR • Low Banrate • Instant Delivery • 1 Month Botting-Ban Warranty • 40.000+/50.000+/60.000+ BE Accounts https://croci.selly.store/ If you want to make money while playing League of Legends check out "Boosting Job" on our website.
  7. LK8 BOX=3,7 eur each Every 1kk=0,10 Eur cents Restock=30 BOX Restock Adena=400kk
  8. Hello I am selling a Custom ( can be no Custom too ) Server files. Files are used to live servers and running without problems. Most of the Features are configurable so you can change them to your needs. Basic Information Experience Rates: x2000 SP Rates: x2000 Adena: x 2000 Enchant Rates Safe +3 Max +20 Normal Enchant Scrolls 65% Blessed Max Enchant +14 -> 100% Crystal max +16 -> 50% (on break enchant still the same) Custom Scroll max +20 -> (+17 -> 95% , +18 -> 90% , +19 -> 85% , +20 -> 80% ) Easy Conf
  9. I'm selling service of - creation | modification | maps (login screens) transfer - for Lineage 2 clients [Any Chronicles] Small portfolio of my works: https://www.youtube.com/user/MapsCrafter/videos Last work: :Contact info: Skype: demev.ukraine or pm me on MxC ======================= The list of services provided by me for Lineage 2 client with prices: 1. Map creation for Lineage 2 - price start from 200$ (you will get: geodata, pa
  10. Middleman Service Price - 7 Euro - More than 3 years as a middleman - More than 200 Accounts sold - Over 750 trades between adena, accounts and items - More than 150 positive reviews in Maxcheaters - 50,000 Views in Maxcheaters topic (most viewed over all posts) INSTANT DELIVERY, 100% GUARANTEES WTS ON Project Essence Talisman Of Baium L8000 boxes 3 euro ----
  11. Hello guys, it's been a long time. I've made a project recently which is based on public aCis sources (382 revision, currently the most stable). The project will be available as diff patch and it will be applied to public free revision of aCis if anyone is interested. Because I've done a lot of work on this project I will show you the most important things and we can discuss the details if you are interested. 1v1 PvP Battlegrounds - It's a tournament for players, only 1v1. - This tournament is scheduled, so you can put unlimited specific
  12. FULL SET of DRAGON WEAPONS. Any Chronicles The price for each level of any of the kits is 150 euros. When buying several levels of one set, you get discounts. Discounts are discussed in personal Skype correspondence when buying weapons Full Set of Antharas Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level
  13. The first choice of movie streaming service for millions of users worldwide! WeTV gives you the latest and most popular movie and TV series. More features, just to give you the best viewing experience: 1. Automatically switch image quality, smoothly watching movies anytime, anywhere 2. Cache download, not afraid of no wifi, but no time 3. Switch multi-language subtitles and watch it together with foreign support Watch the latest selection of original popular shows, TV series and variety shows! WeTV provides you with a selection of popular dramas and TV serie
  14. Webpage: www.l2jmaster.org Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team Chronicle: High Five Part 5. Base: High Five. Java: 14. Gradle: 3.5 Rev: V-015 PERFECT TO ALL RATE SERVERS. Custom: Community Board: AIO Buffer Normal / +30. Attribute Manager. Auction House. Augment Manager. Blacksmith. Buffer. Bug Report. Castle Manager. Class Statistics. Daily Reward. Delev
  15. ◄√i®uS► Weapons. Any Chronicles Lineage 2... The price for each level of any of the kits is 150 euros. When buying several levels of one set, you get discounts. ◄√i®uS► NPC-Monsters All Chronicles Lineage 2... Any NPC with any effect and your logo from 35 euro. Any monster with all animations and sounds from 40 euro. Any Raid Boss from 50 euro. ◄√i®uS► Armor, Weapon,Cloaks,Accessories... A set of Weapons without effects from 100 euros. Weapon set with effect from 150 euros.
  16. Hey everyone,we sell our server files ,if anyone intrested send me a pm. What we offer: Server files,Sources,Latest Backup,Latest Patch. Client: Interlude Few words about our project: Files are stable,real online while the server open was about 200-250 Few of the features are displayed here: For more informations/test the server send me a message. Payment method: Paypal only. Screenshots from the server: https://www112.zippyshare.com/v/RnquJl5w/file.html
  17. I am offering services: Geodata Developing | Modifying | Bugs fixing Les ofrezco estos servicios: Desarrollo de Geodata | Modificación | Reparaciones Examples of genereated geodata: Ejemplos de geodatas creadas: :Contact info: Skype: demev.ukraine or pm me on MxC typical bugs of geodata (some of them will work on your server) Errores típicos de geodatos (algunos de ellos funcionan en su servidor) AVAILABLE GEODATA: LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC 3.0 LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC
  18. As you saw in the title, im selling on L2DEX UNION: DRACONIC BOW + 15 + MW + FOCUS = 275EU ARCANA MACE + 8 + MW + ACUMEN = 200EU Or best offer... Hoping to sell both items to same person. As for payment, we can do Paypal, Wise, or depending where you live, we can figure something out. ITEM WILL ONLY BE TRADED ONCE PAYMENT IS CONFIMRED. Im ok with using a middleman as well, like PUFA, so we'll both be safe. Extra expenses with payment methods or middle man will be on the buyer 🙂
  19. SOMIK INTERFACE PATCH 🔹 FPS Optimization! 🔹 Game-changing Features! 🔹 Quality of Life! 🔹 24/7 Support! 🔹 FREE Updates! CONTACT: Preferred (quick response): Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Eue2yxT Discord Add: Somik#5099 Other (slower response): VK: https://vk.com/somikpatch NOTABLE WORKING SERVERS (tested on 12.05.2021) Lineage2Dex.com Exiliumworld.com L2Saga.net RPG-Club.com L2Royal L2Devil.ws L2Amerika.com L2Tales.com L2Kings.com L2Nemeziz.com
  20. Unverified Fresh MMR Level 30+ Botted Accounts • Starting from €2.99 • EUW/NA/EUNE • Low Banrate • Instant Delivery • 1 Month Botting-Ban Warranty • 24/7 Customer Service • 40.000+/50.000+/60.000+ BE Accounts https://felony.selly.store/ Questions, concerns, order issues? Message me on Discord: Felony#8412 For Ranked Accounts visit : https://www.g2g.com/r/Felony Make Sure To Join FelonySmufs Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WmkAJDp • Accounts Giveaways • If you invite 10 real people you will get a free 40.000BE/Caps Account
  21. Unverified Fresh MMR Level 30+ Botted Accounts • Starting €2.50 • EUW | |NA | EUNE • Low Banrate • Instant Delivery • 14-Day Botting-Ban Warranty • Capsule | 40.000 | 50.000 | 60.000+ BE Accounts First 10 Customers to leave a 5 Star feedback will get 30% off on their next purchase!!! https://unrankedsmurfs.net/ Our Discord Server https://discord.gg/mR4NWM3wvh