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  1. guys can any help and shere from zero how to add that buffer in l2jacis pack? i mean from downloading eclipse till end?
  2. I would like to announce that this year (2011) March 18, the day starts in the average multiplier server L2EP. Serverije will work well if not 100% Epilogue Quest is a 90% guaranteed, balanced classes a unique way to gather the clan points (not need the army duallbox to raise academics), Fantasy Isle is a custom called up by the monsters who dropins tyranosaurus claw quest itemes which will be available at the site and swap (1 Quest item = 500rep). Log in Giran shop also add up to A-grade, and mp pot, shot ect. Ofcorse is seed's Gracia, Hellbound Island and all the quests, "SOS" quest on Material, geostaz current and complete with geodata pachnode etc. You are welcome, bring clans, get Ventrilo channel.