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  1. the 100 episode 3 pretty cool .. wells died for nothing LOL
  2. Server : EUNE​ Normal Wins : 650 Registration E-mail : Included Pm me with your offer! ~I Go First Only With Trusted Member~ Season 4 League : Rune Pages(3) : Champions Owned(68) : Skins Owned(5) : Custom Icons(15) :
  3. :happyforever: blacklist31, you've spent about 1327 hours on League of Legends which means 55 days of your life. You are 35737th onEUNE servers and 345101th in the world. l2europa, you've spent about 979 hours on League of Legends which means 41 days of your life. You are 56596th on EUNEservers and 518663th in the world. 96 days da fuck 1/3 of a year god :happyforever: I'm proud of myself!
  4. LOL i make a topic selling l2acis without bugs and etc , you get l2frozen bugfull . Clearly not a scam!
  5. OR when you sell something and you give something totally different.
  6. That fuckart was a moderator in here imagine the quality of this forum.... As one guy said the best scammers in here are inside the staff and ED banned him. -There have been multiple reports for this shitt member nicolas so ban him.