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  1. ive been having some problems with the auto targetting, so im using this interface on the MA and the other with spam skills on nukers but at the beginning it gets targets "normally", i mean from a bit far away too, but then it starts working like "next target" only and starts targetting only the ones very near him, any idea why?
  2. ive been using the previous version and goddamnit its a hand of god it makes lineage so much easier cant wait to try this one
  3. As i already told you in pm, i was using your old version and damn that thing changed my l2 life :)) amazing job cant wait to try this one <3
  4. this thing made my life so much easier, as i told you in pm imma comment here too u deserve all the love bro <3
  5. that's pretty much what i was looking for.. i found few things online but not enough..
  6. im looking for some olympiad in depth guides for any class (preferrable an op class xd), if u find one with full augments details it would be awesome because im playing on a private server. anyway link me some good guides u've used/made :D
  7. as title says im selling full augment for oly/pvp chars and full items + donator tatoo for mage/archer/titan/bp etc. payment with paypal/bank account pm me or post here for details/photos
  8. srv is gr8, good economy (u can get rich with offline shops and get full items without donating in few time), good pvps, good farming zones( even tho i dont farm) and not bad oly (even tho a group of ppl monopolize it, but there are more "groups"). only problem with this srv is it has "seasons" or that's what ppl call them, that means they wipe every 3/4 months. normal ppl take a lot to equip cause they dont know how to use offline shops, and that's why srv dies when wipe is close, but overall good srv would be best without wipes, but without wipes no money (i still cant believe there are few
  9. you're right about buffs/debuffs, u know something for that? :))
  10. so server is completely oly based? all items free? all enchantments and new things on high five attribute and all that things :)) im also new to the chronicle so i would love that
  11. i found that already but before joining i wanted to look for a interlude one.. btw u know how many ppl are usually on on this srv?
  12. also he knew exactly when sand bomb went off but that might also be done with some1 spectating..
  13. no man a guy told me who he was against 60 seconds before u get teleporte do stadium, he knew already who he was against when he got matched i only see against who i am when i get teleported to stadium that can be very useful to change dyes based on my enemy