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  1. Having to make a reply mm Thanks anyways for the work.
  2. Well, Leluche's L2JSaver that now passed on me is working this way! But it's seperated on Features, Core, Interface
  3. I never said they are better than you. Nor you are better! I don't side with any of you! Just trying to prevent the war :P
  4. Holy.. another war about to start... Keep the opinions to yourselves. In the long run, we will see who's better...
  5. Well that's something different! :) Don't worry about the code! Mostly here don't know java (only applying code) so yeah they won't care from the moment this works!
  6. Check project buildpaths! Something is missing
  7. circle the threads ex: topzone checks - threadpool the hopzone check when hopzone checks threadpool the topzone check.. (runnable classes)
  8. Let me put it in another way! What does pvp color changes on gameplay? What does Inspector changes on gameplay? Some ideas are not changing gameplay!
  9. Well, since mostly here understand me, i don't need to! Thanks for the tip anyway :) Also it's not my native so yeah.. Even if it's a international language i'm not forced to learn it! @Tryskell It's not up to me to decide the gameplay style but to the server owner!
  10. @Tryskell sorry for misunderstanding you! Just that seemed like an insult! :) Also i would like more info not just the name :)
  11. Wow really? try harder please i love see people trying to insult me and fail hard
  12. - Hello, i would like you people help me out on ideas cause i have squeezed my head dry! I can't come up with good ideas or with what i come can't be done in the project i'm working on! - So what can't be done with the project i'm working on are the following No packet modifications Supportive of client ofcourse - No flying jumping etc.. ^_^ No client modding (Not Important) Support all clients - IL Hi5 etc - Proper credits will be included in the source codes before each class! - If you want someday to get your hands on this project please mention what pack are you planning on usin
  13. @Offtopic Too much drama!! Not so unique @Ontopic Atleast he didn't copy it! (His design not his idea) lol... (No offense elfo)
  14. @Cray Nexus Engine has been discontinued! hNoke is off the radar i myself can't find him @JustBeatIt You may try your luck with nexus google - nexus engine