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  1. Very nice server, but low community. I'm waiting for beta custom server Baggos.. DecebalusRex here.
  2. How can i use this interface? I mean for what Client it is? Interlude? Hi5? Please Help.
  3. Hello there, i have one question and i want to get an answer but only from the people who knows about this subject. Ok. So the question sounds like this: If on a server... the lowest attribute resistance is..hmm..lets say WATER. I should enchant my skills for more damage on +WATER attack or +DUEL ? Because i have asked some people and i got different answers. I dont need answers like: LoL..wtf is with this question? noob or something like this. A clear answer and an explanation would be perfect. Thank you ! With respect, - AlexTheGreat.
  4. Totally agree with that! Doombringer class need a little boost.
  5. Server is the best till now even if need fixes. Features are awesome.
  6. Interesting server but website is not working.
  7. Anyone knows and can help me with some hacks for this game? i found some but in my country Surveys dont work so i cant download them.
  8. Oh my God! L2Raze looks awesome but the website is not working. :(
  9. L2 Gold C4 was the best server i was playing..was the first server i've played on..that was 7 years ago :)