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  1. bella why you waste time on arguing with this imbecile, learn to ignore.
  2. I don't understand... Isn't it better to take a newer client which has less flaws, and just remove unused UI stuff like L2Classic?
  3. And you better stop wasting YOUR and MINE time by creating junk replies.
  4. We are doing something new as you are saying and its simple, you just don't see the whole idea and its not about making everything "custom".
  5. Well we have limited possibilities, we do what it is possible. I think if we our-self enjoy new classes its going good :) Also just finished prophet which have 2 stances:
  6. Gaming itself is not practical, If you look at games this way, you probably don't play any.
  7. I think you didn't watch the video, all classes are totally new, only their names and function are +- the same. About the "custom stuff" - We will never use disgusting "custom" weapon or armor models.
  8. Hey guys we want and willing to totally revamp lineage 2 and need your options, here is one of bunch of the revamped classes:
  9. I interested more on just connecting and looking around...
  10. Oh come one... Even I waited for this...
  11. It was a quite long break, from now on I will post some snippets from what we are doing with the server, also will attach some screenshots http://l2aurora.com/forum/index.php?/topic/205-first-entry/
  12. Nice, I love when someone tries to do more than changing rates and spawns :) I hope your and mine projects will succeed.
  13. I have a question! about The Soulshot/Spiritshot system. Why you need this kind of system, why not making soulshot/spiritshot which will not be consumed on use? its kinda nonsense..
  14. They don't even filter UDP so its doesn't work for L2 :)